Over the past year and a half, I’ve been delighted to see the rapid rise in the amount of plus-sized fashion blogs that have been floating around. Being plus-sized myself, I would never read “normal” fashion blogs as I could never really relate to the blogger and/or find the clothing in my size; however that has all changed as I now to tend exclusively read plus-sized blogs and bask in all the the awesome fashion and confidence that is put out from these amazing women. I read loads of blogs but these top five are all blogs that I’ve come to adore and be extremely inspired by, and I hope you guys will too!

1. Callie Thorpe – From the Corners of the Curve


First up is Callie who is just…amazing. I started reading her blog last year after following her on Twitter after I saw a hilarious re-tweet from her on my timeline. I love her approach to fashion; laid-back casual, fun and flirty from graphic tees and dresses to crop tops and jumpsuits. Callie has also been  featured within the Daily Mail and on Channel 4 news, as well as modelling for Clements & Ribeiro for Evans. Aside from the fashion, Callie is just a real, down-ass chick who’s full of great advice, laughs and is always a pleasure to be around!

2. Danielle Vanier – Danielle Vanier Tumblr Blog


Next with have Danielle, who’s blog I came to be aware of via Callie. Danielle describes her style as “an eclectic jumble of high street and vintage style”, with a particular penchant for statement jewelley and “all things tacky.” I absolutely adore her style; full of bold pieces, mahooooosive gold chains and necklaces and a matching bright lippie to match, I think Danielle’s sense of style is a really great expression of her personality; fun, bold and fierce.

3. Gabi – Gabifresh


Gabi’s blog was the first plus-sized blog I started reading a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the way she mixes different textures and patterns together, especially her love of leather paired with floaty, girlie textures/patterns. A pioneer of the whole “fatkini” movement, Gabi released a limited edition bikini line this summer which I believe sold out in a day – crazy! I simply love everything she puts on – she definitely knows how to dress for her shape.

4. Nadia Aboulhosn – NadiaAboulhosn.


I would say Nadia is more “curvy”, than plus-sized, but I thought to include her all the same. I absolutely ADORE Nadia and had the pleasure of meeting her a few times while I was in New York (turns out I was staying in the same apartment that her friend lives in! Serendipitous or what??). She is incredibly down to earth, funny and ambitious and she’s daring with her style. I love how she incorporates a lot of  tailoring and structuring in her outfit choices and her legs are amazing! She’s inspired me to wear a lot more body-con dresses, shorts and crop-top/skirts.

5. Tatiana Mermaides – Marfmellow


If I could describe Marfmellow in one word, it would be “YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”. I love me some Tati! She’s cheeky, bold, fierce and fabulous and that’s exactly how I would describe her style. Her sometimes NSFW blog is full of quick wit essays, videos and her fashion photos. I first came across her on Youtube as she is predominantly a vlogger; she has a few motivational videos about self love/acceptance that has genuinely moved me to tears and her other videos are simply hilarious. Her style is unapologetic and her personality is amazing. Definitely one to watch. See some of her videos below.

So there we have it! Please check out all the fab ladies above and let me know your favourites!


September 22, 2013


Top Five: Plus-Size Bloggers

  1. Oh you've got some fabulous picks I read two already Cali & Gabi but ta' for the others. All about embracing and loving what you got – fashion is for everyone and if you got style who gives a F what size you are.

    *werk it b*tch*

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