A.K.A, the best Birchbox (in my opinion) so far, the September Birchbox is inspired by London Fashion Week, with easy-to-use items that can be used backstage as well as within your daily routine. Now I must say that the products included in this month’s box are really great; all of the brands are well known and I am now the owner of my first ever Aromatherapy Associates’ product! 
Anyhoo, let’s get into what’s inside:
(In Memoriam) Green & Black’s White Chocolate: Yeah um…I could only photograph the wrapper as I devoured the lot as soon as my spidey senses detected it. I’ve never really been into white chocolate, but I can dig this. Chocolate is chocolate right? It’s all good and will always be welcome with open arms (And mouths).
Reverence de Bastien in No.4 – This is a gorgeous cherry red by French brand Reverence de Bastien and is a shade that i’ll be keeping for the winter as I’m still trying to grow my nails. A vibrant and bright colour!
Model Co Party Proof Semi-Matte Lipstick – Model Co have released an exclusive collection which features two sets of lipstick trios; the neutrals and the classics. I have one of the neutral shades which is a rose-nude tone; one can never own too many nudes.
Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Body Lotion – Following on from last month’s box comes the second Molton Brown addition which comes in the form of a body lotion. I’m more of a body butter sort of gal but I’ll be trying this as the scent smells divine.
Bioderma Sensibio H20- *holy grail alert!* Yes, Birchbox totally went there and included beauty blogger favourite, Bioderma. This will be my first time using it so I’ll be scouring the interwebs for reviews and posts on how to best use it.
Aromatherapy Associates Body Gel – Ahhhhh! My first AA product! Apologies for the excitement but I’m such a huge fan of Aromatherapy Associates but have never owned anything from the brand as It’s a bit out of my price-range. The body gel smells AMAZING and is perfect for people with dry skin as it’s hydrating and sinks into the skin with ease.
Well, there we have it, a great box this month I think, what did you guys think?


September 19, 2013


Birchbox: September Box

  1. Dawniepants says:

    YUM! I'm with you, had that Green and Blacks been anywhere near me it would have been in my mouth barely a second out of the wrapper! White chocolate is possibly my most favourite thing.
    That looks like a great Birchbox, I used to subscribe to the Feel Unique box and it was amazing, so I've been looking for another to start subscribing to. Would you recommend it?

    Inanity and the Girl

    • steph says:

      Lol gotta love a bit of chocolate!

      I would DEFINITELY recommend BB…I've tried glossy box and others but i've always been let down by the amount of sachets and tiny/irrelevant samples you get, with birchbox, they are really on the ball and sometimes they give you extra items too! They have a reward points system as well that's really generous that you can use to buy the full sized items from their online store.
      I think it's totally worth it. 🙂

  2. I love Aromatherapy Associates, products are always amazing. This looks like a fabulous box and well worth it xo

  3. *Shug* says:

    Love this box the products are great! I love love love bioderma i find it best to use when removing makeup after using wipes. Leaves my skin feeling oh so fresh!


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