Wowa weewa! Look at the precious!
This, my friends, is Kiko’s new offering; the Neon Glow Light Effect Serum* is a brightening renewal serum which works to give the skin a more radiant appearance.

First of all, can we talk about how adorable the packaging is?! The doube helix design reminds me of Stila’s ‘One Step Correct’ serum, but this one is a bit more intricate – almost to the point where it looks too pretty to be used.

The transparent solution is in the form of a clear, light, moisturizing gel that contains tiny flecks of iridescent, reflective particles; apparently the double-helix design helps the serum and reflective particles join together somehow – I personally just think it looks pretty and have NO idea how they were able to do this! The serum is also said to help prevent anti-aging and to revive the skin’s “natural splendor”.

Pretty packaging aside, the serum seems more like a shimmery primer than anything else. Maybe it’s my skin type, but using the serum alone did have the tendency to make my pores really tight and dry when used alone. Using more than one pump also gives my skin the ‘disco ball’ effect, so using a little less then a full pump is more than enough. It’s not a serum that I would use alone or at night, however when applied under makeup, it’s gorgeous! My face gives off a dewy, yet radiant appearance without looking too oily or greasy and is HD camera-friendly.

Although a reasonable product, I think that I could achieve the same effect by mixing a primer with a tinted moisturizer, OR using a tinted moisturizer on its’ own, at a cheaper price.

£13.90. Available on the Kiko Cosmetics website for a limited time.


September 11, 2013


Kiko Neon Glow Light Effect Serum

  1. Damn such a pretty bottle. It's gorgeous. The swatch reminds me of glitter gel? xo

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