Stephanie’s active and influential presence within the creator space began over 15 years ago with her blog. Her work is a testament to her commitment to the industry and status as one of its first original bloggers.

Stephanie writes and creates content surrounding relevant and personal subjects, including plus-size fashion, body image, beauty, travel, and lifestyle, and provides witty, raw takes, perspectives, and commentary on pop culture.

She dedicates her time towards advocacy within the body positivity, mental health and body images communities, sharing her own challenges and traumas involving  fat-phobia, bullying, self-esteem and confidence issues and the ways in which she’s been able to turn it around while encouraging others to do the same.

A prolific writer, she has written for a host of celebrated publications including: British Vogue, Elle Magazine, The Guardian, Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet, The Independent, Metro, Glamour Magazine and Who What Wear and many more.

Based in hometown London

In 2020 Stephanie became the first British plus-size black woman to grace the cover of Glamour Magazine UK.

Stephanie has worked with many household name brands, including Google, DOVE, MAC, and Gym Shark. Demonstrating her recognition and professionalism within the creator industry.  

best- selling author & award winning content creator 

Stephanie has an active social media presence with over                   followers across her social media accounts                       Her plethora of media appearances includes...





In 2020, Stephanie released her inspiring non-fiction novel ‘Fattily Ever After: A Fat Black Girl’s Guide to Living Life Unapologetically‘, which became an Amazon bestseller in its first week of publication.

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Fun Facts

Stephanie played the second witch in her year five performance of Macbeth, which they performed for Queen Elizabeth II who visited the school due to a recent Ofsted win.

To this day, Stephanie’s Mum ensures that she recounts this anecdote to anyone and everyone she meets.

Stephanie will be making her move into broadcasting in the near future.

Here are some random         facts 

Stephanie was once hugged by her celebrity crush/husband Jason Momoa during a Comic-Con appearance in 2018, however, she cannot remember the actual meeting as she may or may not have blacked out after Jason Momoa complimented her on her braids.

“He (Jason) smelled of Guinness, musk and unproblematic masculinity. I levitated. As he hugged me, I could feel the feminism leaving my body, smh.”


Stephanie confesses that she once threw up on tom hardy!

Blogosphere ‘Blogger of the Year Award 2019

RewardStyle Trendsetter of the Year 2020

Navabi Fashion Writer of the Year 2020