Jeeze. By the looks of these photos you wouldn’t think that i’d been blogging for nearly 6 years huh? Like I said it in my last post, I will be doing more outdoor photos once the weather lightens up a bit so please bear with me and these rubbish quality photos!
Moving on, I actually posted this look on Instagram about a month or so ago which the intention of writing up a post immediately after, however…well..better late than never I say! 
When I first heard that Missguided.co.uk were releasing a plus size line via Twitter, I literally stopped what I was doing at work (while still making it look like I was working, a pro, me) and perused page after page of awesomeness. The first items that caught my eye were the crop top and midi skirt co-ords. 
Now, we all know I love a good crop top + midi combo so I ordered this with haste. I believe the sizing for the plus size range lies between 16 – 24 which, seeing as this still may be a soft launch, is okay – however I think it would be awesome if the sizing was to be extended within the future. 
The crop top fits true to size and is also pretty stretchy, which is a bonus. I don’t normally get on with “boxy” fit crop tops and they can sometimes have a tendency to make to too top heavy and give me a ‘boxy’ shape, however as you can see in the photo above, the corners of the crop top at a tad longer than the middle, which I think is pretty flattering. 
The midi skirt seems to be of a loose A-line style; personally I prefer tailored A-line midi skirts as they tend to smooth over my hips a lot more which gives me more of an hourglass shape (or as close to an hourglass shape as possible). I find that I have to keep moving the skirt to different parts of my waist in order to get the shape that I want – in the end I reverted to using an elastic band to tie the back of the skirt so it fit a little more snug. 
It’s also worth noting that the skirt size is pretty generous; I bought this in my correct size, however it could easily accommodate someone who may be up to two sizes bigger and still look awesome. 
The print is a winner with me; I’m sort of in love with grids and line prints at the moment and so it’s great that I can add these two to my collection. Because the print is pretty ‘loud’, I don’t feel the need to add any jewelry or accessories to it. I paired the look with my trusty Ruby Woo lipstick and boots from Primark. 
Grid Print Crop Top // Missguided +
Grid Print Midi Skirt // Missguided +
Ankle boots // Primark 

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December 27, 2014


White Lines

  1. Wow, your look perfect! I'm in love with this set!

  2. Kat Henry says:

    Well aren't you the cutest thing! I <3 the blog and this post rocks as does that outfit!

    New follower xx


  3. Madiha Tabbasam says:

    That is a gorgeous outfit and I love the red lips!

  4. Ooo this is such a gorgeous fit! Looks so good on you xo

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