I don’t know about the majority of you guys, but in my household it was the standard procedure to have our home furniture & accessories kitted out in all IKEA everything, and it also didn’t help that we lived 7 minutes away from one of the biggest branches in the country!

Now that I am older and have complete control over how to decorate my personal space, I am spreading my wings and searching for pastures new when it comes to home decor. It wasn’t until I was randomly walking through my local high street when I realized that the answer was right under my nose the whole time!
Every time I think of Next, I almost certainly think of clothing and flowers. My mind conjures scenarios of their infamous 5/6am sale bonanzas and the endless queues I would see up the high street, however perusing the home section a while back, I realized how amazing their homeware and interior pieces are – I felt like I was walking through a real life Pinterest board.
As time (as well as finances!) were of the essence, I bought three items that just HAD to come home with me that day, as well as take a mental note of the many items that will be going on my 2015 wishlist!
First up we have Next’s own Luxury Fragranced Candle from the Milan collection which further consists of a reed diffuser, available in two sizes. I’m not sure if the candle is made of soy wax, however it gives an exceptionally clean burn which is what I expect from most premium range candles – no soot here! The fragrance is a mixture of a floral as well as woody scent and takes about 45 minutes for the scent to fill the room. The burn time is approximately 55 hours which is amazing, especially when this candle only costs £10! 
I also love the simplicity of the packaging – I’m a real minimalist when it comes to design and interiors and feel that this candle fits within the vibe of my room perfectly. I can be very Patrick Bateman*about fonts and labels sometimes so this is definitely up my street.
I will be picking up the other candle collections (New York, Antigua) and will be on the look out for other candles within the lightening department, because AWESOME.
Next up we have the Natural Geo Print Double Bed Set . Again, I love the simple, natural minimalistic design of the bed set and it just so happens to match my rooms’ colour scheme, which is a bonus! I also bought this adorable bed cushion which is sadly not up on the Next website (similar here) which  think adds a cute touch to my room. 
Overall, I am so impressed with the great quality of the items I’ve purchased and I cannot wait to save up so I can go on a mahoosive homeware splurge and buy ALL THE THINGS. This may well be the start of an awesome relationship!
What are your favourite interior purchases from Next? 

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December 26, 2014


Jazzing Up The Bedroom with NEXT Home!

  1. Xiaoyu Shi says:

    I prefer the like the candles, look gorgeous.

  2. Lucyy Writes says:

    I absolutely adore Next for homeware, especially their home fragrances. Such a lovely blog post 🙂
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes

  3. Madiha Tabbasam says:

    I love the bed set! I'm loving decor so much right now that I want my own house just so I can decorate it haha

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