Ok so this is going to be a very short review as i’m about to watch another movie on iTunes lol so here we go…

So i went to go and watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the other day and i must say i was impressed, as always with Hazza P movies! The directors made the whole tone of the movie very dark, yet with some light parts such as the whole ‘Ron/Lavender/Hermione’ love triangle which was HILARIOUS. That Lavender is something else! The cinematography and special effects were AMAZING.

A few problems though:


1) Why did they add the scene where the Weasley’s house was under attack? I tried Googling this and there were rumours that they included this scene because they will be cutting out the Wedding scene in ‘Deathly Hallows’. I HOPE this isn’t true as that’s an important scene!

2) They didn’t include the memories regarding Marvolo Gaunt etc and the origin of how the ring/stone became a horcrux.

3) In the last scene where Dumbledore is outnumbered by Draco and the other death eaters, in the book it said that Dumbledore placed a petrifying charm on harry so that he wouldn’t retaliate. In the MOVIE though, it shows snape threatening Harry with his wand instead. Um ok then?

Overall it was a good movie! Funniest part was when Harry was drunk off the Felix Felicis and he was acting SO out of character and weird like he was high off Mary Jane..it was jokes to watch.

Roll on the last two movies!

In the meantime, i’m about to watch this when it finishes downloading off iTunes:

Woo!! Good Times. xxxxxxxxxxx


July 19, 2009


Harry Potter Review

  1. Simpli-c-t says:


  2. rae_rae says:

    Ok… if they cut out the wedding out of Harry Potter I will kill myself lol!

    Wen he was on the Felix Felicis he was a better actor 😀 x

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