It has been reported that supermodel in the making Jourdan Dunn,19 from Hammersmith, London, is pregnant! Apparently, she is due in December.
I feel a congratulations is in order! Call me ignorant but i always thought it would be really hard for exceptionally thin girls to conceive, but hey. I feel it’s a bit of an odd time to fall pregnant as she’s coming up to the height of her career right now, but good on her! She was featured in Italy’s version of Vogue a few months ago and her spread was amazing.

Now, there are a variety of reasons why i dislike Rihanna (a.k.a foreheadda). I feel that she is extremely fake. I liked her when she first came on the scene, loved the type of music she was producing, LOVED


July 24, 2009


Jourdan Dunn Pregnant & Rihanna Strikes Again.

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