This is not a publication, and neither am I an editor of any kind –

but it sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

Welcome to my somewhat-brand spanking new blog, or should I say blog layout! I’m glad to be back after a couple of years of inconsistent blogging here and there (most of my things have been on Instagram of late) and felt that the website needed some much-needed love and care, as well as a bit of an uplift.

I started this blog (originally on in 2008 whilst in the middle of studying for my law degree at University. At the time, I needed some kind of creative outlet amidst the countless heavy volumes of legal theory, statutes and cases. I was drowning in academia, paying to study a subject I realised I did not want to pursue a career in, however, I couldn’t see it in me to quit.

The very first name of my blog was ‘Steevie’s Inner Sanctum’, and on there, I would predominantly write about events I’d attended, new gadgets I’d bought, and some skincare bits. At the time, the whole business and the concept of blogging was still incredibly new, with all of the fashion girls uploading their outfits of the day onto instead of Instagram and RewardStyle. What a time! There was no such thing as influencer marketing, and everyone would blog about things they loved, regardless of whether people would read it or not. Communities were being built in real-time, and everything was just so shiny and new.

Good times.

With the rise of social media, a lot of us migrated over to Instagram due to the platform being a lot quicker when it came to uploading content. After a few years, blogs as we knew them, fell off. Even though my posts on the website became more infrequent after a while, I always vowed to keep my blog active as I love to write and to this day, take great joy in reading the blog posts of others who still retained their websites.

I see my website as a bit of a base of operations really. A place for those who wish to get in contact with me, who want to know more about me and the things I’ve done. Who wish to read my words and to see my images.

I’ve rewritten and updated almost everything in the tabs above, and my plan is to release a blog post once a week. If I’m super busy, it’ll once every two weeks. I would love to do more, but alas I work alone and have a finger in a few different pies at present, so my time is something I’m lacking just a little bit of at the moment.

So while you’re here, have a look around and make yourself comfortable! Subscribe to my new podcast if you’d like also! Do what you want!

Thanks for reading, and catch you later

Stephanie xx


September 14, 2022


Editor’s Letter

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