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When I opened up my email to find that I had been invited for a press stay at the Jade Mountain resort in Saint Lucia. I actually screamed. I thought I was experiencing a fever dream. I levitated.

The Jade Mountain Resort was on my Pinterest board of ‘Pipe Dream Lottery Win Honeymoon Destinations’. I have two boards: the ‘realistic-and-within-my-budget-Honeymoon board, and the ‘I-am-essentially-travelling-to-Narnia’ board. Jade Mountain was absolutely on the latter.

And yes. Jade Mountain is a very expensive resort, there are no two ways of going around it. You’ll see why below and you’ll probably be able to see some bits on my Instagram page too. I am INCREDIBLY grateful and fortunate to have been able to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip, and it’s definitely something I will never forget. I want to be able to provide as much information as possible if this is a destination you’re thinking of for a honeymoon location, shooting location, an ‘I’m-retired-and-I’m-going-to-spend-my-disposable-income-on-ME (because eff them kids)-location or…if you’re just incredibly wealthy and want to go somewhere amazing.

As well as talking about the main resort itself, I’ll also be covering some bits that could be helpful as well such as logistics etc. So without further ado, grab a cup of tea and get comfortable because it’s going to be a long post!

How To Get There

The resort is located in Soufriere on the west coast of the island, around 37km from the main airport, which is around an hour’s drive. You can pre-arrange with the hotel to have an airport transfer which is highly recommended. I flew with British Airways and it was around an eight-hour flight. Check Skyscanner to scan the latest and cheapest prices for tickets throughout the year.

There are five types of rooms within the resort, known as ‘sanctuaries’, and they all come with different rates per night depending on the room. The rooms go for a bit cheaper between April – October so something to bear in mind. The average cost per night for a room starts from around £1500 and can go up to £4000 a night, depending on the room of course.


I tend to mostly fly with British Airways because 1) I’m trying to build up my points with them and 2) Their long-haul planes have larger economy seating, as well as longer seatbealts. Here is a link of the website I use to check the seating stats of planes before I fly. Once you confirm a flight, note down the plane number and enter it into this site and it’ll tell you how wide the seating is.

Jade Mountain is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before. It is the very definition of what we assume ‘Paradise’ to look like. With twenty-nine rooms and suites, a wellness centre, a chocolate lab and a restaurant/bar WITH an infinity pool, it’s a little private piece of heaven buried within the hidden cliffs, overlooking the mighty UNESCO Heritage views of the Piton mountains. Jade Mountain is the sister resort to the Anse Chastanet resort, located a few levels below.

Architecturally, the resort is spellbinding. Each Sanctuary has its own bridge leading to it, with the majority of rooms having no 4th wall – instead, it’s been replaced with a beautiful heated infinity pool. Nearly all the rooms have a beautiful view of the Piton mountains, and on top of the Jade Club Restaurant is the Celestial Terrace – a place where you can have drinks, sit back and relax. They also host daily morning yoga sessions here too!

Me looking CUTE outside our Sanctuary!
It looks like a tropical space station!


We were situated in one of the three ‘Galaxy Sanctuaries’ located on the South-West corner of the Jade Mountain resort. The rooms have an average of 2000 square feet, and an infinity pool averages 900 square feet. There are no radios, TVs or telephones in any of the rooms, in keeping with the calming, tranquil experience (and besides, because most of the guests are honeymooners, I’m sure they’d be getting up to other forms of entertainment 0_o).

The rooms come kitted with everything you would expect from a five star hotel. There’s also a fully stocked wine fridge and mini bar, full tea and coffee-making facilities, a tablet with which you can order room service and activities, plants decorated throughout the sanctuaries, Molton Brown-branded cosmetics, a four-poster bed with a mosquito net, anti-bug sprays and coils, and yoga mats!


Similar to Anse Chastanet, the cuisine hails from the same farm – Emerald Estate which is nearby the resort. The dinner menu changes every evening which I found quite exciting actually, as you never knew what to expect. One thing I love about the cuisine is how broad it is. The majority of the food is Gluten-Free, with there also being a completely separate menu for vegan and vegetarian delicacies. The fruit tasted as if they were picked and chopped up that same morning, which I’m 99% sure they were. SO MUCH PLANTAIN ON DECK. I was in heaven.

The fish was fresh and marinated really well, and they had a huge selection of wines, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks on tap too.



All the dressing gowns, baths, showers, sun loungers and chairs are fat-friendly. The chairs don’t have arms, so no need to worry about fitting in them for lunch and dinner!


Literally WHATEVER YOU WANT, they have it. I don’t like to be a bother, so when I visit hotels I generally try not to bother or call for hotel staff when I can help it so I didn’t make use of the very broad range of things they can do. But if you are so inclined, they will and can do it. EVERYONE was super friendly. EVERYONE knows your name. Need someone to unpack for you? Got it! Need someone to re-pack for you? Got it! Want breakfast in bed? Done! Want a candlelight dinner on the beach? It’s handled! A Swedish massage in your sanctuary? Arranged!


The resort is incredible and they have gone out of their way to think of nearly everything. What would have made this place a perfect 10 on my list would have been if it could have been wheelchair-accessible.

The individual sanctuaries all have their own bridges on different levels, and you have to get nearly everywhere by climbing stairs. Had the hotel been built on any other terrain, I would have raised queries as to why there weren’t any facilities available for those who may have trouble walking. But I get it, in this instance. The hotel was built by hand into the side of a clifftop. The terrain is not the best for technology such as lifts/elevators etc, and while there are ramps throughout both hotels, getting to and from your room at Jade could prove difficult with the restaurant being on the top floor. Even if there were ramps, the ramps would be DANGEROUSLY steep.

I’m sure that had the hotel been built on flatter ground, the owners would have definitely made it more accessible. As someone who can be really bad with climbing looooads of stairs because of previous knee issues, it did cross my mind a couple of times. But when looking at the hotel from the water, I realised that the ground/cliffs would probably be way too unstable for elevators/escalators.

I also wanted to add that there are shuttles available to take guests to and from the beach and the wellness spa!

Overall, Jade Mountain was an absolute once-in-a-lifetime dream come true, and I had the most incredible stay. The resort is PERFECT for couples and honeymooners, and you end up leaving feeling peaceful, tranquil and calm. Ugh. Can’t believe I had to leave. A dream.

This review was written in exchange for a press stay with Jade Mountain. All views are my own!


June 29, 2022


Review | Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia

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