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I’m excited to announce the launch of my new little podcast: Storytime with Stephanie. It’s something that has been a long time coming, and when I made the decision to have the subject be about storytelling, a lot of people were like ‘HUH?’. Over the years as a content creator and advocate, I’ve been approached a few times to be a podcast host, and have had people suggest I start my own. “You could talk about plus size issues!” many have said. “Pop culture! TV recommendations! Fat acceptance and body positivity!”

All very reasonable suggestions! However it was one of those things that I just kept delaying as for me, it was important to recognise my strengths and weaknesses. Am I a good podcast guest? Absolutely. Can I talk about all the things I have an interest in for an hour? Sure! Can I HOST a podcast every week talking about those topics? Probably not.

As much as I love these topics, the thought of hosting a topical podcast every week makes me feel a bit uneasy. I’m an awkward babe. Put me in a room with others and I come to life. But me in front of a microphone on my own just talking about emotionally-charged topics? Mate, I think I’d crumble under the awkwardness of it.

Enter: Storytime with Stephanie.

I like to listen to sleep stories to get me to go to sleep. I’ve always had a terrible relationship with sleep, and listening to random people recite fairytales have always been a great way for me to relax and drift off, so I thought – why don’t I do one? I absolutely LOVE telling and listening to stories, and I keep being told that I have a great narration voice, so now here we are!

I would love if you could give it a listen, and am open to comments and critiques of most kinds (not the intentionally nasty and malicious ones please.) This has been a real labour of love for me, and has taught me so many new skills. Everything is recorded at home on my laptop using the ‘audacity’ programme and my microphone. I also edit and put everything together myself, so if the first few episodes sound a bit rubbish, it’s because I’m still learning how to use these programmes so please bear with me and I apologise!

With that being said, if you’re into these kinds of podcasts I would love for you to subscribe to the podcast and check out the first episode which comes out on the 21st of September. Reviews and all of these things are very helpful too!

You can listen via the following ways:


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Google Podcast


Pocket Casts

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September 19, 2022


Storytime with Stephanie

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