Autumn has officially arrived and we are in that weird in-between stage of the weather being either really hot or windy, which has been causing havoc on my skin.
I’ve wanted to try a product from the Good Things Skincare range as I’ve always loved their packaging! So a couple of weeks ago, I was kindly sent the Good Things Face the Day moisturiser and Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser to try! 
The Good Things Skincare Range
Good Things Skincare is a gentle skincare range created by award-winning beauty journalist, Alice Hart-Davis and was designed to make the most of young and delicate skin. The range is known for incorporating a host of natural products into their products such as coconuts, acai berries, blueberries, cranberries and kiwi fruits among others (suddenly in the mood for a fruit smoothie lol!)
I’m absolutely in love with the packaging! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a simple white background with random splashes of colour. The Face the Day moisturiser is 100ml and the Fresh Start cleanser is 150ml.
Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser

“With grape and pomegranate superfruit beauty boosters…a gentle but efficient way to remove the daily trials and tribulations we put our skin through”

I prefer using cream-based cleansers as they aren’t as harsh on the skin and moisturises as well as removes the impurities on the skin. I used the cleanser with my Rio SoniCleanse twice a day and after the first week, my skin did feel a lot softer. One thing that stood out to me was how amazing the cleanser smells! It feels as if I’m applying a fruit mask to my face and does leave a bit of a fruity scent behind when rinsing off.
The cleanser is very gentle, yet effective. I found after cleansing that my pores were very receptive to whatever serums or oils I added to it. The cactus extract and anti-oxidents coming from the grapes helped to stop my skin from drying out completely – which is a first for me; because my skin is extremely dry, I always have to moisturise within a minute before my face tightens up and becomes bleugh. :-P. The cleanser also contains SPF 15. 
Face the Day Moisturiser

“With superfrut extracts, Goji berry and Papaya…specially formulated to help protect the skin from harmful UVB rays.”

The moisturiser is also another that smells like a fruit medley. I found this to be incredibly light, yet hydrating to my skin. The moisturiser contains goji berries, which are a great anti-oxident to help fight ageing and soothe skin along with papaya that helps to brighten the skin tone; just in time for Winter! For added moisture, I use a separate serum underneath the moisturiser at night so my skin laps up all the fruity goodness. 
All Good Things Skincare products are free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and animal tested ingredient
Creamy Cleanser: £4.99
Face the Day Moisturiser: £7.99
Available: Boots, Superdrug, Sainsburys and online here.
Have you tried Good Things?


September 18, 2012


Good Things Review: Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser x Face the Day Moisturiser

  1. Sharon says:

    Great review, I just started exploring w e brand the face mask is brilliant, have used it for a month and its become a staple!

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