“Hey Steph! Do you want to visit a beautiful Manor house and spa, and trial some amazing new products?”

Umm, SURE! Let me just pack my ultra fancy camera and lenses so I can take all the photos!

It was only after we passed Gatwick Airport that I realised I’d only gone and left my battery charging in my bedroom didn’t I? So you’re getting iPhone quality photos for this post!

Anyhoo, back to what we’re here for. I was kindly invited on a day out to the absolutely STUNNING Ockenden Manor and Spa located in Haywards Heath, Sussex by the lovely guys over at Elemental Herbology for the launch of the Water Soothe Facial Oil, which is a part of their Moisture Replenish collection.

As someone with oily skin, I’ve always known that combating oil with oil is the secret to balancing oil production on the face, and so a lot of my skincare is formed with oil bases: cleansers, makeup removers and oil serums. The Water Soothe Facial Oil is vegan AND nut free, and combines the power of chamomile, rose damask and rosehip oil, which is one of my all time favourite ingredients.

The facial treatment helps to reduce sensitivity, prevent the early signs of ageing and hydrates the skin, leaving it moisturised and plump. The rosehip oil is a great source of vitamin C, which is amazing at helping create glowing skin and chamomile – chock full of antioxidants – helps to soothe redness and irritation.

The best way to use the oil is on top of your serum and underneath your moisturiser at night after cleansing, and you can also use it during the day time underneath your moisturiser/SPF. Remember to ALWAYS use SPF when using skincare products containing AHAs/BHAs/Vitamin C!

We were given a lovely presentation of the product during lunch, alongside learning more about the brand and how they have used the philosophy of the Five Elements (fire, water, earth, wood, metal)  and traditional Chinese medicine to create some amazing products, depending on which element(s) you fit under – you can discover your Element here!

The great thing about the #DiscoverYourElement quiz is that is that your final answer can change depending on your mood – on this occasion, my element was Earth, which I found interesting being a Taurus, which is an Earth sign.

After lunch, we were shown around the beautiful Ockenden spa and were able to use some of the spa amenities such as the pool (which is heated using the locations private underground Spring), jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. We also got to see a few more products from the brand, as the spa exclusively use their products for their beauty treatments.

As you can see, I was loving the jacuzzi as it was my first time ever in one. She’s finally moving up in the world guys. Having a small taste of #spalife was absolutely wonderful and definitely something that I needed this week. The spa is absolutely stunning, with six treatment rooms and the entire venue decked out in Elemental products – the whole building smelled amazing.

We were also treated to an awesome, relaxing facial that was an absolute dream to experience. The beauty therapist used the water soothe facial oil, which my skin lapped up and left me feeling dewy and glowy! I’m pretty sure at one point I fell asleep during it as they offered a scalp massage and man…I was gone.

My skin directly after the treatment!

Look at the glow! Want to glow like this too? You should enter the Elemental Herbology competition to win a years’ supply of the water soothe facial oil! You’re free to enter until the 30th of September, so enter here for a chance to win!


*Paid post – all opinions are my own, as normal!*


September 12, 2019


Celebrating Elemental Herbology at Ockenden Manor Spa

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