When I was younger, one of my favourite cousins came to live with us for a short spell. While there, my cousin introduced me to a few things: Glamour Magazine, Fashion TV, cracking my knuckles, and coffee.

Granted, at the age of 11 I was wayyy too young to be downing coffee but upon taking my first sip of the sweet sweet cappuccino, I knew that this would be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between me and caffeine.

As time went by and I became older, I developed quite an intense obsession with caffeine. I would drink 3-5 cups a day; a figure that would eventually increase to 6-11 cups a day during my time at University. As I studied law which meant spending every single free bit of time studying, I pretty much depended on caffeine to get me through the day, with the University library coffee shop becoming somewhat of a sanctuary for me. The familiar early morning scents of roasted coffee beans and warm, frothy milk provide nothing but sweet, calming memories for me. The scent of coffee is a great motivator for me when working, as it completely relaxes me.

Enter: AlbertineSarah candles! Now if you haven’t heard of Albertine, where have you been pls? Not only is Albertine a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire, but she is also the commissioning editor of Blogosphere Magazine and an all round *badass*. What I love about Albertine is how passionate she is about the content she creates, and you can always tell by the incredibly quality of her photography and the beautiful words that illustrates them. Albertine is such a hard worker, so much so that she’s only gone and created a range of beautiful candles, one of which was kindly gifted to me. 

According to Albertine’s recent blog post, Albertine wanted to dip her toe into a creative side-project that could fulfill her creative needs, whilst not requiring the hassle and pressure of engagement, numbers and follower count” (it’s a ballache, honestly).

The result of this is her very own candle collection named after herself. When you lovingly hand-pour and create your own fragranced waxes at home, you’re definitely gonna name them after yourself aren’t ya?! The collection is made up of three scents: Morning Latte, Bright Ideas and Slow Sunday.

Morning Latte

Albertine describes Morning Latte as having a rich, roasted coffee bean scent. More on this later!

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas is a floriential scented fragrance with cut green stems, Mandarin tea, supported by Moroccan spices and orange blossom, lily and jasmine. It’s the perfect fragrance to burn when you’re working from home.

Slow Sunday

Slow Sunday features two of my favourite paired scents: Peony and blush suede, featuring notes of red apple, jasmine and carnation. The fragrance is completed with soft notes of violet, plum and and rich amber.

I mean…I’ve been drooling this whole time tbh.

Albertine kindly gifted me the Morning Latte fragrance…which actually arrived this morning. I’ve been so excited to try this fragrance and am already so impressed by it, that you’re getting a same-day turnaround review post my friends! So let’s get into the fragrance!


The candle arrived tightly packed in and boxed up, which is what we love. I STAN a well secured and well packaged fragile item! The main thing that I noticed while unwrapping the bubblewrap from the candle was the scent. The scent of roasted coffee literally slapped me across the face and instantly filled my room with the comforting, familiar scent of my Uni days. I spent a good 10 minutes just taking it all in. 

My room literally smells like a Starbucks. Like. Guys. I’m in coffee heaven and I’m not being dramatic. The intensity of the roasted coffee beans is so strong that even 2 hours after burning the fragrance, my room still smells nutty and oaky. It leaves a very delicate after-scent, which has now travelled out of my room and into the corridor. Such a vibe.

The candle itself is set in a beautiful 30cl chipped copper Instagrammable glass container, which I think would look amazing on any cabinet top or dressing table. I’ve decided to keep mine on my bedside table. There is the AlbertineSarah logo and scent name across the side of the candle, in a darker copper colour with white accents. 

The overall aesthetic of the candle just screams LUXURY, and the scents itself are intense and has a lot of depth. The candle makes for easy competition among the likes of your Jo Malones and your Diptyques, if we’re keeping it real. I’ve owned both aforementioned candles and never has a scent filled up a room in such a short amount of time as Albertine’s. 

The candle burn time is 40-50 hours, and the glass container can be recycled as a makeup storage jar or stationary jar once it’s all burned down. The candle retails at £24, which is fabulous considering the burn time and the intensity of the fragrances you’re getting.

Now, I want to note that when it comes to me doing reviews and things of that nature, I normally tend to wait at least a week when it comes to lifestyle products, but the fact that I’m posting within the same day of receiving the candle should definitely be a testament to how amazing this product is. Albertine is such a great friend, and she consistently puts 150% into every project she puts her mind to and this candle collection is no different. I will be purchasing the other two candles at some point, and cannot wait until this collection of three grows into something more!

You can view the whole collection and buy the candles on Etsy!

Photo taken by Albertine Sarah for AlbertineSarah Candles on Etsy.com


March 15, 2019


Coffee Shop Moments with AlbertineSarah Candles

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