This month officially makes it 5 months of me freelancing, and I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much of a roller coaster it  has been!

Even though my dream has always been to work for myself and always knew that there would be a degree of hustling involved, nothing has really prepared me for the insanity that is freelancing, and all the things (good and bad) that comes along with it.

For the most part, it’s wonderful. You get to set your own hours and be your own boss which is awesome. Sure, there are negatives which I’ll get into below but as I was styling the outfit below, I was thinking about the length of the Simply Be blazer I was wearing and how corporate it looked on me, which made me start thinking about my previous life working 9-5 and how – while it had its restrictions – was generally a lot more reliable and social.

I then started thinking about the rest of the outfit and how working for yourself (especially within the creative sector) can lead to creating the greatest of opportunities for yourself, such as collaborating with, and creating your own fashion and shoe collection, as Danie has so excellently demonstrated with the launch of two recent collections with Marks and Spencer and Navabi!

So with that being said, let’s look into the thoughts some of us may have had at some point or another. Now not everyone may share these feelings, but they are definitely things I have gone through, and continue to go through!

Photographer – Fifi Newbery

BlazerSimply Be (gifted) // Cropped Tie Sleeve TopDanielle Vanier Meets Navabi (gifted) // Acid Wash JeansASOS Curve // Toggle Strap Sandals Danielle Vanier x Marks and Spencer

20 Thoughts you have while freelancing

  1. “Ooh okay…so I’ve really taken the plunge. How exciting! Let’s DO IT!”
  2. ” I don’t have to wake up at 5:30am anymore, THIS IS LUSH ISN’T IT?”
  3. “Working from home is awesome. The freedom. No more micromanagement…I can get used to this!
  4. “….ok I’m beginning to get a tad lonely. Let’s find a coffee shop I can work at.”
  5. “I feel like such a boss, sending out these pitches and contracts and emails. I am all powerful.”
  6. “Three meetings in one day? Check me out!”
  7. *looks at clock…it’s 2:57am*… “Still working…this is fine.”
  8. *4:18am* …”This is fine.”
  9. “I could really do with getting this invoice paid tbh because rent”
  10. “Seriously…it’s been 45 days. My invoice.”
  12. “Should I give up? Or should I just keep chasing payments???”
  13. “FINALLY. Money! Lemme buy a cheeky Jo Malone candle as a treat.*
  14. *15 days later* ….”Oh, it’s going to be a food shopping at Aldi kinda month…okay.”
  15. “You know, Rice Krispies for dinner isn’t that bad tbh.”
  16. “Why is no one replying to my pitches? Am I not good enough? Why is everyone better than me? Why did I choose this life? I’m going to end up destitute and alone.”
  17. “Seriously…what am I doing wrong?”
  18. “I haven’t taken a holiday or day to myself in 4 months, but that’s fine because HUSTLE HUSTLE GRIND GRIND.”
  19. *takes pic of me working in Starbucks* – “Hmm. I’ll caption this ‘The grind never stops. Girl boss! #Freelancer #hustle #generationalwealth #influencer #girlboss #bossbabes #oatmilklatte.’
  20. “Exposure is NOT payment – I have bills to pay!”

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April 2, 2019


20 Thoughts Every Person Has When They Go Freelance

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