Fashion blogging was so simple back in the day.
You’d just upload your photos with a little bit of text talking about the pieces and where to get them (or sometimes no text at all), then go. Voila. Job done. In today’s influencer climate though, it’s almost like you are expected to accompany each style post with a block of ‘deep’ or ‘thoughtful’ musings, and oftentimes, the photos have absolutely nothing to do with the actual text.
I have also been guilty of this plenty of times; I’ve been sitting on these photos for a couple of weeks, trying to come up with a thought-provoking piece of writing to accompany them. To be honest, sometimes I just want to upload photos of myself looking awesome and go, and I think a lot of us bloggers have this same feeling too.
The absence of a personal, deep or thought-provoking post does not mean you are not capable of being deep. Sometimes, there are just general occasions when you have absolutely nothing to talk about, and that’s fine. There is so much pressure these days in blogging for people to be stylish, yet part-social justice warrior, part body positive advocate, part mental health ambassador and while ALL these things are amazing and important, it’s not a necessity for you to include them in every post just because others are.
I started off Nerd about Town as a style blog, and throughout the years I’ve cemented myself as a person who speaks out about fat acceptance, race, body positivity and other things. I talk on panels about it often. I write about it. I’m known more for my ramblings on Twitter and articles on fat acceptance and race than I am for my style which is okay because the former is much more important than the latter. However, it doesn’t stop me from SERVING YOU THESE LEWKS, and sometimes I just want to serve and go, without the added pressure of me writing an emotionally exhausting piece of text.
To be honest, I find it better to post all my thought-provoking stuff on Twitter or Instagram, as I have a short attention span and sometimes I find it quite distracting to write a full body of text containing my thoughts – especially if it’s personal or emotional. So yeah, this is just a quite note to say, ‘not every day deep. Sometimes, fashion and go.’ You don’t have anything to prove to anyone except yourself. It’s okay to take a day off and focus on something a bit more shallow. You don’t have to go through emotional labour every day.
So here’s my style blog post. I’m here serving the kids a tiger print ASOS dress with a gorgeous AND VERY WARM red Teddy coat from Elvi. I think I look bomb. The end.

Cat Eye SunglassesASOS // Printed Mesh Tea Dress (ON SALE!)ASOS Curve // Tulip Shearling Coat  – Elvi *

Photography by Kaye Ford


February 18, 2018



  1. SusanEtc says:

    you DO look bomb ! I come on here for your fashion looks first and foremost! But yeah I do struggle with the fac that the posts that do well on my blog are the ones where I’ve had to bear a little bit of soul haha

  2. Kirsty Lewis says:

    Fab post! I’m new to blogging and i’m finding that i feel I need to “have something to say” but sometimes as a reader, you do just want to read about how great an outfit has made someone feel and get inspired for new looks. Keep doing what makes you happy x

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