Being a beauty blogger comes with a lot of positives. One of the pros is that every so often you are fortunate enough to receive loads of press samples to try out but sometimes you end up trying so many that you forget what your favourite products were in the first place!
OGX (previously known as Organix) were one of the first brands I ever tried after I relaxed (chemically straightened) my hair again a few years ago; I absolutely LOVED their products and for the life of me cannot locate why I ever stopped using them for as long as I did! The other day while in Superdrug, I decided to pick up a a shampoo and conditioner from the brand; Argan Oil & Shea Butter and the Macadamia Oil Conditioner.

Argan Oil & Shea Butter Shampoo (385 ml)

The benefits of trying out loads of different products on your hair is finding out what your hair likes and doesn’t like. Because my hair is naturally thick/curly, I know that it responds well to moisturising ingredients such as shea butter, and argan oil is a great ingredient for all hair types as it gives hair a gorgeous silky shine and intensely moisturises the roots.  The formula smells incredible and you really don’t need a lot in order to create a good lather. The shampoo is very mild as it’s predominantly meant to moisturise, however it still does it’s primary job of cleansing the hair.
I’d say this shampoo would be best for those with thick or curly hair as it may be a bit too greasy/heavy on fine hair to be honest. The consisency is almost butter-like and although my hair is bone straight at the moment, it seems to take the denseness of the shampoo with ease. I’d also recommend this if you have damaged ends too, as you can benefit from the extra hydration.

Macadamia Oil Conditioner (385 ml)

Hands down the best conditioner I have ever used. As soon as the formula touches my hair, it transforms it into this soft, unicorn hair-like awesomeness. Macadamia oil, bamboo extract and sugar cane extract are some of the main ingredients in this conditioner and to this day, I’m still trying to find out what it is about this conditioner that makes it so intensely smoothing and hydrating. My guess would be the mixture of macadamia and avocado oil; two oils that my hair has always loved!
This shampoo is aimed towards those with dry, brittle or damaged hair and those with thick/afro strands as they will benefit from the intense hydration with this. I absolutely love the formula; it is similar to a thick moisturising cream and I normally tend to use this with an egg yolk (and if my hair is REALLY dry…half an avocado) and let it seep into my strands for about an hour before washing it out. Afterwards, my hair feels incredible; SO soft, easy to brush through, shiny and silky. I’ve actually purchased three extra bottles of this…just in case!
You really can’t go wrong with OGX to be honest. Their products are sulfate and paraben free. The price point is pretty, averaging at about £6.00 a bottle which isn’t bad for a product that is quite organic in nature. The majority of ingredients within all the ranges are natural, the packaging is smooth, sleek and attractive and most importantly, the product works. Job done!

Have you tried any OGX products before? What did you think?


October 31, 2016



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