Year of Style
Can someone tell me where 2015 went because it seemed to have breezed by! This year has seen me upload more style posts than ever before; it’s a year where I’ve finally began to accept and be comfortable within my body and my style. From tutu skirts, culottes and mesh panels, my style has been pretty mish mash and across the board really. I really strived this year to incorporate colour into my wardrobe after being a floral print queen for so long, and I think I’ve achieved that! Anyway, below are the majority of styles i’ve worn on the blog in 2015; here’s to making 2016 brighter and bolder!
year of style 2


December 30, 2015


2015: A Year in Style

  1. Kitty Wood says:

    I am aaaaaaaaall about the smiling photos of you, especially the rust skirt/denim jacket one <3

  2. megsiobhan says:

    SO MUCH PRETTY. Seriously, I want all your outfits here please.
    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

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