Can you believe we’re at the end of 2015 already?!
I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like this year has just flown by; to be honest It doesn’t really feel like Christmas either because it’s been so warm lately! It probably doesn’t help either that I had all my Christmas shopping bought and wrapped at the end of November/beginning of December. Keen, amirite?!
Anyhoo it’s funny as I seem to have this annoying tradition (along with my Mother) of always being ill around the holidays. At the moment I’m I’ve got a bit of a sniffle and I’ve only gone and done my back in so I’ve been hobbling around feeling sorry for myself over the last couple of weeks. I can’t wait to go home and be with my family for a few days, so below I’ll briefly talk about my rundown of how I spend Christmas.

December 1st – My tradition of either reading or watching Harry Potter begins. Harry Potter is one of my all time favourites and has fast become a favourite of mine. I always aim to read the whole series or watch all the movies before the 24th, leaving the finales for Xmas day. I’m currently on movie 5. Pacing myself!
The Christmas Jumper – Sadly this year I completely forgot about Christmas Jumper Day, however I love to weat a good old festive jumper during the Christmas season, as I will be doing this year! Below is my grey Santa Penguin Christmas Jumper from New Look which is absolutely adorable and does a great job of keeping me warm. Ignore the no-makeup and cheesy smile, I’m still very ill! But to be honest, this is exactly what I’ll be like on Christmas day. No makeup, scruffy hair, chilling in chunky knits, just comfortable and happy!
Presents! – It used to be a time when we’d all gather around the tree to open presents first thing, but nowadays when everyone has woken up, we carry the presents to my Mum’s room and we just open it in there. She has an electric blanket you see. Why shiver under the tree on laminated flooring when electric blanket? Pls.
New Look - Christmas
New Look- Christmas Jumper
An African Christmas – Recently my family have started to steer towards the less traditional route of making a Ghanaian meal instead of your traditional Christmas dinner, which can be a tad repetitive! This includes yams and fried or grilled plantain, nkatenkwan (peanut soup) with rice balls, black eyed beans stew, or fufu, which is a gelatinous affair made from cassava flour and maize.
Netflix & Chill – And I don’t mean in that sense! After dinner, we all sit around the TV and catch up with each other while watching the Xmas greats like Home Alone or the Wizard of Oz. Our family have a habit of sleeping after eating heavy carbs so that’ll probably be going on too. We all wake up just in time to watch someone die on Eastenders. Happy days eh?
Night Nurse – By this time either myself or my Mother is completely wiped out for the day so I’d normally make her a lemon and ginger tea or vice versa seeing as we’re always ill around this time!
12’o clock shop – Boxing day sales begin at 12am so that’s when I scramble about and do all my online shopping!
Hazza Potter – After that, I watch Harry Potter then head off into the land of Nod.
That’s about it really! As uneventful as my day is, I’m just so happy to be heading home and being among my family who I don’t get to see as often anymore! How do you guys spend your Christmas?


December 21, 2015


Christmas Season | How I'm Spending It

  1. Your Christmas sounds amazing – especially the food, can I join?
    C xx

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