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I think…I have found my new favourite mascara. Of all time. Ever. Of evers. The worst part though? I don’t think that the photos below even do it justice. 

I have always had the worst brows of all time; short, stubby and thin, I’ve always had a bit of trouble finding mascaras that promise to extend and fill out my lashes. I mean I’ve tried some decent ones in the past, don’t get me wrong, but with each one, there’s always been at least 2 things that I seem to find a bit dodgy and to be honest, being the stingy ole git that I am I don’t want to keep shelling out major coins on premium brands that turn out to be mediocre at best.

Enter GOSH
I’ve always loved me a bit of GOSH, they do incredibly pigmented and long lasting lipsticks and so I had high expectations when I received this mascara. I’m so used to using comb wand mascaras that the size of this tube (due to the fibre brush) threw me right off for a bit! I’m not crazy about the hot pink packaging, but that’s something that can definitely be overlooked in the grand scheme of things.

The chunky fibre brush is supposed to add dramatic volume and extreme length to the lashes, without the clumping or flaking. I’ve been using it nearly every day now and I must say that Stephie is a really happy bunny! The fibre wand is huge, but it’s nimble enough for precise application. It catches and coats each lash separately and dries pretty quickly. Since using this mascara, I’ve received so many kind compliments about my eyes/lashes, so it’s pretty safe to say that i’ll be stocking up on this baby. I love the volume; it’s not bold ‘in-your-face-spider-lash’, it gives off more of an overall fullness – very Kim Kardashiany, if you will. 

poo 160

Volume = 8/10
Length = 10/10

Like I said above, apologies for the rubbish photos – I know they don’t do the mascara justice, but trust me – I virtually had NO eyelashes before and now i’m walking around with centipedes on my eyelids. Love it and can’t recommend it enough. 

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the GOSH mascara from the main site and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the Superdrug website. HOWEVER it is currently available in all Superdrug stores nationwide from £6.00.



August 25, 2014


I Am in LOVE with GOSH Crazy Volume Mascara!

  1. You know a mascara is good when it gives you bottom lashes. I may have to add it to the list. your eyes look smanging gurl xx

  2. I'll love to try this mascara! btw Love ur lip color 🙂

  3. Well Stephanie Kardashian, your lashes do have some length to them, flutter them baby. xo

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