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Summer is slowly creeping up on us and normally this means happy times for my face as I barely use any makeup during this period. Why, you may ask? I can’t stand the feeling of foundation on my skin during the hot weather; that sticky, clammy, heavy feeling is just not for me in the slightest and so I tend to either use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream where I can! 

I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to try the Oxygenetix foundation which has been billed as ‘The World’s Most Breathable Foundation’ – A foundation that doesn’t clog the skin? Count me in. The foundation launched in 2008 and was originally developed to heal and conceal skin after cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures such as skin lasering/peels and has since gone on to be used on celebrities such as the Kardashians, is regularly used on the cast of Glee and my ultimate shero, Melissa McCarthy. 

The foundation works to promote the healing process of a number of skin conditions but is gentle enough for everyday use. It contains the ingredient Ceravitae™ which is an oxygen complex that promotes collagen cell production and connective tissue growth in aging and wounded skin. It also contains gel-based Aloe Vera which provides anti-bacterial qualities. Sounds good so far right? I used the foundation for two weeks and these are my findings:

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 Packaging and pricing

Ok so the foundation comes presented in very clinical looking silver tubes – I’m really into the whole medicinal/clinical skincare look (they look great on my dressing table) so this gets a pass from me. Seeing as the product comes from a medical background, it’s not too surprising. The foundation comes in a standard size of surprisingly, only 15ml compared to the general market of 30ml liquid foundations. The retail cost is £45.

Colour shades and texture

There are 14 shades available that are split into blue-based and yellow-based shades. I was sent Chakra, Ebony and Coco. This was an area of concern for me for a while as my skin has natural red undertones and so I was a bit scared that the foundation would come up as ashy for me, but I eventually found a solution to that. I think it’s worth noting that although they have an impressive range of darker colours (which is MUCH more that can be said in regards to other brands), the difference between the shades are pretty huge. It may not be as noticeable in the photos, however I found that the Coco shade was extremely light and an almost “grey”ish colour which was a tad disappointing. Chakra was also too light for me, and Ebony was about a shade darker, however I found that mixing Ebony and Chakra together did the trick and that is the method I used in the photos below. 
My skin did give off a grey tinge, but this is because of the red in my skin not matching the foundation; if there was a red or even orange based range, that would be awesome – however yellow and blue are the most common so, such is life! The liquid itself feels incredibly light on the skin and could be compared to a light moisturizer. I’m normally a tad skeptical when brands make huge claims, however it does actually feel like i’m wearing nothing at all. When out and about, I don’t feel the foundation running down my face, nor is it sticky or clammy. I once ran for the train and by the time I got on, found that I needed a dab of powder here and there, but it was nothing extreme.

Durability and breath-ability

I can see why this foundation is used in film studios and on sets; it doesn’t budge. At all. Even under harsh lighting. I mean, at the end of the day when you’re tired and all you want to do is take off your slap and pop into bed, it’ll be a bit of a hindrance as I found it a bit hard to take completely off – but during the day I found that I never had to re-apply. I haven’t broken out in any clog-inducing spots or pimples like I normally would with foundation in the Summer which is a good sign and I found the coverage to be pretty good.

*note – can we please ignore my Beowulf eyebrows and utterly crappy attempt at using liquid eyeliner pls? I was…having an…off day (cringe!)*

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I do believe it’s an all round good foundation which does live up to it’s claim of being a breathable foundation. I do think that the darker shades need to be looked into by the brand in regards to colour matching because a lot of the shades shown are way too close in colour, leaving a bit of a gap for those of us who are either not really dark or honey toned (it goes from honey toned, straight to very dark,without leaving much in between). For £45, it is an investment buy, especially for 15ml of product, so it’s something you definitely want to consider – I think for this price, there should be some sort of sampling available where the customer can try before they decide to splash out. As the price could label this a ‘luxury’ brand, it would be good to have a concession stand or something similar where the customer can have more of a feel of the brand and products. 

To find out more about Oxygenetix, click here!
To find out where your nearest stockist is, click here (they are typically sold within private aesthetic clinics at the moment)


June 21, 2014


Oxygenetix Foundation – Review

  1. I wish this foundation wasn't so expensive as it sounds awesome! Your skin looks lovely in the second pic xox

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