EHHMERGERD. My very first post as a 25 year old! I turned the big 2-5 on Monday and celebrated by watching Game of Thrones, eating cake and drinking lots and lots of dark rum in the evening. :D. In the months leading up to my birthday, I was very nervous about getting older, however I think i’m okay with it at the moment – it’s a good, solid age…sorta youngoldish right? Yeah I’m happy with it at the mo!
Anyhoo, yesterday I attended my very first photo shoot with Simply Be and some other gorgeous blogger gals – I’ll be writing more about that when the photos are released pubically as it was such an awesome day! Towards the end of the day I was gifted these dungarees and I couldn’t tell you how amped I was because up until that point, I had been looking for a pair of plus sized dungs for literally centuries. This morning, I decided to pair them with a black t-shirt and this gorgeous bomber jacket which is currently part of the Look Magazine for Simply Be collection. I apologise for the pixelated photos; I wanted to shoot outside but it’s been pissing down so I had to shoot in a really messy room :(. 
Simply Be

For this last photo, PLEASE BELIEVE I did not go out like this. I just wanted to show other ways in which to wear the outfit. At the moment, my whole tummy is in no fit shape to be seen by the masses just yet, we both need to work out some things in the gym! What I love about these dungarees as well as the bomber jacket is that they are uber flattering; you can’t even see my other 3 stomach rolls at the bottom and sides LOL. 
Bomber Jacket – c/o Look Magazine for Simply Be
Dungarees – c/o Simply Be
Black Top – Primark
Shoes – Primark (similar here)


May 7, 2014


Dungs and Bombs.

  1. KARA says:

    I love this whole outfit. I am so short I don't think I would ever look ok in dungs but I really want the jacket now

  2. Hanna says:

    I really like this outfit, the jacket is amazing. And hey, 25 is still young – I'm 26 and I still feel like a teenager most days (although thankfully less moody than an actual teenager)! 😉

  3. Quarter of a century – yeah what what! Embrace that shit! O.k. I really adore this jacket well the whole look is ace and even though the pixels were done to hide the mess – pictures look cool xo

  4. You look AMAZING! I love those dungarees, they look great on you! Xox

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