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So I was totally trying to come up with a Beyonce related title for this post (who else is enjoying her new album?!) but I can’t recall her using the word “Pink” in any of the songs, so here we are.(…)

Anyhoo, what with it being the run up to xmas, I thought I’d do a little weekly series of posts featuring my favourite pink lipsticks. Pinks, along with reds are a pretty tricky colour to work with, especially if you’re darker skinned like me. There are so many different shades on the market and so it’s all about finding the right tone for your skin – you don’t wanna be walking around looking like Pat Butcher do ya? I love a bit of pink every now and again, so without further ado…

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Marvelous Moxie Lipliner in “Jazzed”(£13.00) is a cream based, dusty coloured pink that applies with a matte finish. Previous to this, I had never thought to use lipliner all over my lips as I assumed the final result would end up rather…chalky. However I’m really impressed with the colour payoff and it’s one of those colours that would look amazing on all skintones – especially those with paler skin. It has great longevity, easily passing the “sip of the glass” test and doesn’t crease. 🙂

Tune in for tomorrow’s pink!


December 16, 2013


7 Days Of Pink | Day 1 – Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipliner: 'Jazzed'

  1. Love this doesn't crease, sometimes when I wear lip liner all over the lips, I hate the drying feeling, just want to lick my lips stupid. Gorgeous shade though!

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