Being a fellow naturalista (totally made that up btw) and having dry/sensitive skin, I absolutely live for oils. Coconut oil, Olive oil, Shea Oil, Chip Fat Oil, you name it, I’ll use it!

Argan oil is an extremely rare oil that derives from Morocco and as well as being used for cooking, Argan oil is especially known for it’s cosmetic uses also. Argan oil has been known to treat the following:
– Lines & Wrinkles
– Acne
– Scars
– Stretchmarks
– Psoriasis and Eczema
– Dry/Frizzy Hair
It is rich in freulic acids, eight essential fatty acids, carotenoids, anti-oxidants, sterols, saponins and polyphones. It also contains very high levels of vitamin E which is essential for the skin.
At the moment I already use coconut oil as my main hair and body ingredient, but after being contacted by Simply Argan* to try their shampoo/conditioner and argan oil products, I jumped at the chance!
Simply Argan are a UK based company that source UK certified organic Argan Oil straight from Morocco. Their ranges include the Simply Argan Miracle Oil and the Argan & Violet Infused Shampoo and Conditioner. I recieved a 50ml bottle of the Miracle Oil and a 250ml bottle of Shampoo and Conditioner.
The Miracle Oil comes in a lovely frosted glass pump bottle to distribute even amounts of the oil. The oil has a slight, light nutty scent that vanishes within a couple of minutes or so. The consistency of the oil is a bit thicker than coconut oil and so I expected it to be a bit greasy when using it on my skin. However I found that the oil melted into my skin as soon as I rubbed it in, leaving a subtle sheen. It’s a very dry oil so you don’t need a lot to moisturise. 
In contrast to coconut oil, which leaves my skin soft at first and slowly wears off throughout the day, the argan oil left my skin feeling extremely supple and soft all day without it ever feeling greasy. 

Simply Argan Miracle Oil (50ml)£21 – now reduced to £14 can be purchased here)

I also used the shampoo and conditioner on my hair and although I was very impressed with the shampoo, the conditioner just wasn’t as moisturising for me. My hair is very dry and so the hair products I use have to have moistursing agents in them. I found that I had to combine the conditioner with one of my other conditioners for my hair to feel hydrated. The shampoo on the other hand proved to be very effective.
I normally use a LOT of shampoo when washing my hair as I’m under the impression that if I see a lot a lather, then I know the product is working – with this shampoo, I only needed a couple of pumps for loads of lathery goodness. I could also smell the nutty scent of the argan oil in my hair also and after rinsing, my hair just felt so clean and hydrated! I would definitely recommend the shampoo as it reduced the appearance of my split ends and thoroughly cleaned my scalp as well as making my hair extra shiny and hydrated.

Argan and Violet Infused Shampoo (250ml) £14 – now reduced to £11 can be purchased here)

Above: washing my hair with the shampoo
After: Dried hair, with a bit of Argan oil infused!
To read more about Argan oil and purchase, visit the Simply Argan website here


February 10, 2013


Simply Argan – Pure Organic Argan Oil

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