I normally make my own body butters but since my resources have run dry at the moment (my Dad normally gets Shea butter from Ghana so I’m waiting till he comes back!), I’ve gone back to using my second favourite butter which is the shea body butter from the Body shop. I’ve been using the range on and off for the past 5 years or so and I love the combination of shea and cocoa butters as it leaves my skin extra nourished and moisturised in the Winter months. 🙂
Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub
Along with the new packaging overhaul, it seems that the Body Shop have also reformulated their body scrubs as this scrub is way more creamier than the cocoa scrubs I used to use from them before. The scrub comes in a 200ml tub and has a strong scent of cocoa which lingers on the body after use. What I love about this is how thick and creamy it is! A little bit goes a long way and the almond shells mildly exfoliate without being too rough. The cream then moisturises after rinses off, leaving my skin feeling really soft and dead-skin cell-free! – £12.50 // The Body Shop site
Shea Body Butter
A favourite amongst bloggers and non-bloggers alike, this creamy and super rich body butter soaks into skin leaving feeling soft, moisturised and supple. I do find that I tend to run out rather quickly though so it would be awesome if they would think of releasing maybe a 400g version alongside the 200g one? The butter promises 24h hydration and has a sweet cocoa scent that also stays on the skin for some time. 
-£13.00 // Body Shop Website
Shea Beautifying Oil
The beautifying oil is a fairly new range and has 9 different scents to choose from. I chose the shea oil to coincide with the shea body butter. Made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Trade marula oil, this dry oil works best on damp skin, moisturising as you dry and can also be used for your face and hair. It gives instant hydration and a bit of a shimmer and it smells gorgeous! It has a light, nutty scent and you don’t need a lot to use for your whole body. I would definitely recommend this!
What do you guys think about the Body Shop range?


December 19, 2012


Keeping Moisturised With The Body Shop

  1. Amy says:

    I love their Beautifying Oils! Now that it's Winter I massage a couple of drops into my face to prevent any dry patches from appearing.

    TBS Body Butters will always be one of my favourites!


  2. Yolandaas says:

    I loove their stuff.. Im curretly using the chocolate dry oil.. So yummy! And ahw thanks for the comment.. Its funny you say that because ive actually done an EOTD in green red gold already.. It was this one, which is part 3 🙂 http://yolandaas.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/eotd-xmaswinter-edition-pt-3.html take care hun xx

  3. sharon p says:

    Love the body shop products!

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