I popped into Primark earlier to get some gloves and “somehow” ended up with a few items, specifically this sheer maxi-skirt (which I’ve been looking for for AGES!) and the black stilettos. I’m still a bit iffy as to how to wear the skirt as I don’t know what kind of top to wear with it (which is why I haven’t put up a full photo, mehhh).
Oxblood (Burgundy/brown) is quite a hot colour at the moment, due to its Autumn/Fall hue and suitability with other colours. 
– All items from Primark
– Have you picked up any Oxblood recently?
– How would you style a sheer maxi skirt?


October 22, 2012


Season of the Ox | Featuring Primark

  1. Betsy Boat says:

    I would wear the maxi skirt with a fun white T-shirt with a graphic on it, and a leather jacket. x

  2. sharon p says:

    Nice shoes&skirt x

  3. angi skaggs says:

    love the name "Season of the Ox" that last skirt is to die for and I absolutely LOVE your photos!

  4. Be careful of those gloves, I bought some from Primark last year (black leather) and they split along the thumbs..and my hands aren't even big.

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