I love Chloe Moretz. Ever since I fist saw her in the movie Let Me In i’ve had a small, if not slightly illegal, girl crush on the 15 year old. She just oozes cool and she’s so beautiful!
What I love about Chloe is that although she is 15, she doesn’t try to dress like an adult. She keeps it simple with pastels and non-form fitting dresses. I also love her flawless, youthful make-up too. She’s one to watch!
Who’s your style crush?


June 10, 2012


Style Corner: Chloe Moretz

  1. Ajkpoplover says:

    She is so chic! It's very hard to believe she's 15, she looks to be about my age. I definitely dig her style.

  2. Misseblog says:

    Love her, you've got a gorgeous blog!! xx

  3. FiveOneRed says:

    Totally agree, this girl is not only impeccably styled but also an amazing actress. All at such a young age, plus she is so likeable she has definitely one to watch.

  4. Becca says:

    I completely agree, I love her and can't believe she is so young. I think her makeup is perfect as well, she always looks so fresh (I guess being 15 must help too!) x

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