30 year old Actress Fan has been called China’s Monica Bellucci but as far as personal style goes I thinks she’s more China’s answer to Dita Von Teese. Graceful and elegant, yes, but to such a degree of control that it becomes rather fetishistic. While it impresses me it also leaves me slightly cold.

At the same time the vintage elegance and timelessness of her choices, the devotion to era, the considered aesthetic, makes her more worthy of study than, say, Olivia Palermo, who’s trendiness always makes me think she’s just wearing whatever freebie the stylist presented her with that morning.
Isn’t she just stunning?

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April 27, 2012


Style Corner: Fan Bing Bing.

  1. Joomla Template Design Services says:

    she is just beautiful! love her..

  2. ShayShay... says:

    You hit the nail on the head with you description of her style, wowz! I never thought of it as being 'fetishistic', but that is so apt!

    Yeah. Her style gives me the heebie jeebies in a very good way too.

    Excellent post by the way

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