I’m really starting to build up my L’Occitane collection!
This week while in Regent Street, I stopped by the L’Occitane store to pick up a new body lotion. I’m mostly akin to using pure shea/cocoa butter however since the weather keeps changing (a little too rapidly for my taste!) I thought i’d choose a lighter formula.
What L’Occitane say:

Daily moisture solution for dry skin, in a non-breakable squeeze bottle ideal for shower and travel. Introduces your body to a trove of nature’s treasures, including 15% Shea Butter (derived directly from the African Shea tree), natural honey, and apricot oil. Nourishes, moisturises and protects: keys to maintaining the look of health. Lifts the senses with subtle essences of jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Size: 250ml
Cost: £18.50

What I Say:

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of anything Shea, so I was instantly drawn to this lotion as it contains 15% Shea butter and it is also very light in texture which makes it ideal for the upcoming Summer months.
The lotion comes in a plastic container (handy for maximum usage) with a squeeze-cap. Although the lotion is light, it does not apply to a greasy finish and sinks into the skin pretty quickly. It has a very light and slightly fruity smell, which thankfully isn’t too overpowering. 
I do find however that I need to use a bit more lotion than necessary as it sinks into my skin quite quickly. One thing i’ve started doing with body moisturisers is to match them with a perfume for that day – a bit weird, I know! But sometimes, one can bring out the best in another, so for instance I’ve found that pairing this lotion with Lacoste’s Touch of Pink fragrance really compliments each other. One one hand I’m getting the light floral scents from the lotion and the perfume, mixed with the earthy shea/honey notes – makes quite a combination!
Have you used this product before? What are your thoughts? 


April 29, 2012


L'Occitane Ultra Rich Lotion: Review

  1. Never heard of it! Great post babe!

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