I’m going to redecorate my room after the new year so lately i’ve been looking at some inspiration online. I’m still deciding on colour schemes and themes etc so this should be fun!


November 6, 2011


Weekend Inspiration…

  1. Kiksy says:

    OMG. You've totally made me want to re-do my room. And seeing as I just did my room like two weeks ago, this is NOT GOOD. lol. Ahhhh My room theme is currently red & white and when its tidy (lol) it looks gorgeous. I want fairy lights and a drape and some vintage photographs in my room like the second to last picture. SO CUTE! xxxx

  2. I wish my room was a boudoir like one of these. One day, maybe! One day!!! x

  3. Cara Louise says:

    Love Love Love the first 3!! I am looking for some pretty wallpaper at the moment! I really want a vintage inspired room! xxx

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