I feel really cheeky for writing an ‘updates’ post as it’s only little old me, lol!

  • So, I haven’t been around as much this week as I’ve been on my deathbed in hospital recovering from an asthma attack – I’m going to be resting at home for about a week now and I have so many ideas for new posts/updates to the blog so please bare with me, stay tuned and a huge thank you for still reading!
  • Are you ready?! #HarryPotterMegaFan. The final installment of Harry Potter will be released next week and I have promised myself that I will NOT cry when I go to watch it! It’s really hard because we’ve all grown up with Harry Potter and now it’s the end of an era…*sniffs*
  • The Only Way is Blogging event hosted by London Beauty Queen will also be happening next week. So if you are a beauty/fashion blogger in London or you can make your way down to London, RSVP HERE!
  • I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people in regards to beauty PR contact information and internships. I will be posting up a list of top PR agencies within the next week so stay tuned!
  • Non-beauty related, but I’m currently trying to start up a monthly book-club based in London. Since Summer is “allegedly” here, I thought it’ll be cool to rally up some folks, chill outside in the open and have a good ole’ chinwag over some good books and food/drink! If you’re interested, please comment so I can get a good grasp of numbers. 
Hope all of you are having a great week and I will be posting shortly!


July 8, 2011


Updates n Ting.

  1. Epiphannie A says:

    Sorry to hear you had an asthma attack and are in the hospital, I had asthma as a kid and I KNOW it's not fun . . .hope you are back on you feet in no time.

    I love your idea for a book club,I would definitely love to sign up for that, if it ever comes off the ground

    Mwah x x


  2. Oh no! I hope all is well with your health my love.

    And the book club=PERFECT IDEA!

  3. whatithink says:

    get well soon babe and about thue book club:
    im down!

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