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So for the next week, I’m going to be stuck at home recovering from my stay at hospital and so I thought I’d may as well make myself useful and brush up on my cooking and baking skills!
I decided to start off easy and try a new twist on an old classic; scrambled eggs. It’s exceedingly simple to make and is delicious, so without further ado:
Vanilla & Lime Scrambled Eggs
  • Two medium eggs
  • A quarter cup of whole milk
  • One lime
  • One Vanilla pod (Or you can use vanilla essence as a sub)
  • Pinch of salt and pepper
1. Crack the eggs into a medium sized bowl and add half a teaspoon of vanilla essence or a quarter of your vanilla pod. Add the milk and stir swiftly
2. Add a pinch of salt and pepper (ONLY a pinch, as we’ve added vanilla so you don’t want too much of a sweet ‘n savoury thing here, unless that’s what you like!)
3. Grab a grater and grate off the lime zest into the mixture. Continue to beat, but not too much as you want enough air in the mixture without it being too rubbery.
4. Use a little butter or oil of your choice, (I prefer to always use olive oil when frying) and fry on a low heat. Pour the mixture into the frying pan and wait for about 45 seconds, then start to turn the mixture.
5. Make sure to keep the heat on low as not to burn the eggs. Turn every 4/5 seconds or so and then when they are fluffy and light, they are done!

Voila! They were GOOD too! You can also add loads of other things depending on your taste; cinnamon, paprika or nutmeg. 


July 10, 2011


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

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