I’ve always LOVED freckles.
Aren’t they beautiful?

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January 24, 2010



  1. pOokie says:

    Definitely. I love Fo's freckles they're beautiful <3

  2. Tammy says:

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  3. Hey dope blog
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  4. Hildi**** says:

    oomyy gosh the third girl isss soo prettyyyy stuunniiing

  5. Empress says:

    I love freckles too!

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  6. baybb says:


    That second and third one is positively BUN.

    Bun x 2 million and one freckles.


  7. Miss Carmel says:

    freckles r defo cute!

    luv ur blog, check out my fashion one 2;)


  8. Me too! They are all gorgeous. Seen the last girl b4 on a model blog.


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