…Because this is now what I look like!!
For the past 20 years, I’ve had to grow up with a gap inbetween my front teeth. It wasn’t a huge gap, but i had an insecurity about it. Hence me NEVER smiling with my teeth in photos. Every woman and most of the men on my Father’s side of the family have this gap, an obvious trait. And out of my brother and I, IIIII had to be the one to inherit it, while my brother got my Mother’s perfect, non-gapped pearlies.
Jealous Much? Hell yeah! 
I know that some people find gapped teeth ‘beautiful’ – in fact in Ghana, they see it as a thing of beauty/cuteness, much like dimples over here in the Western world, but i decided once and for all to take action!!
Today I had my appointment with the dentist to close the gap, not fully, just partially, and this procedure took a very loooong 70 minutes. They had to keep giving me repeated shots of anesthetic because I could feel the drills and chisels on my toofs =( (yes, toofs)
 So after they were done, I got up and looked in the mirror, expecting to see these wonderful straight front teeth.

I don’t know HOW the dentist did it but he managed to EXTEND the length of my teeth by about 3 millimetres! I have naturally small,square teeth and these feel so large!! I shall upload a photo of them when the numbness around my mouth stops because at the moment my lips look like i’ve been through 50 rounds with Mike Tyson and i’m dribbling all over the place like a mofo. Lmao!
I don’t know, maybe its the fact that my gums are probably swollen from the procedure. I rang my dad to complain and moan and he laughed and started calling me ‘Roger Rabbit’. I rang my Mum and she did exactly the same. 
Parents eh?
Every hour or so i’m looking into the mirror and smiling to see If i can get used to them. From afar, they look pretty good, but close up..hmm well i’m still working on that lol. Let me see what I can compare them to…
You know that scene in ‘There’s something about Mary’ where Matt Dillon’s character has his teeth whitened? Did you notice how huge his fronts were?

Although i’m trying to convince myself that they look more like Lady Gaga’s teeth. They do look kind of cute in a way. I supposed i’ll just have to get used to it.
(They look more like this) 

Ahh we’ll see. Photos and possibly a vid coming soon.
Now i’m going to order me some Chinese food to compensate for my emotional trauma LOL!

Peace out!!


October 16, 2009


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