I went a bit crazy on Feel Unique  a couple of weeks ago and after seeing Annie from EpiphannieA‘s review of Nip + Fab’s pistachio butter, I knew I had to try it out!
Before Annie’s review, I had never really heard of Nip + Fab before so I was a bit apprehensive before purchasing because you guys know that I loves my shea butter! Nip + Fab was created by the same guys who created Rodial skincare and judging by how great Rodial is, I expected great things from these butters.
Mediocre at best for me. Let me however go into more detail about the products before I offer my opinions of them.

Pistachio Sundae Butter
This Pistachio-scented butter boasts 24 hour hydration and protection against dry skin with a hydrating ingredient called Aquaxyl, which is supposed to improve the water reserves in the skin, as well as visually improve the surface of the skin. 
The ingredients include Shea butter and Mineral oils to soothe, condition and soften (although it doesn’t contain any….pistachios? Boo) and the consistency is a lot like your typical body butters; thick, yet easy to rub in. The pistachio scent is extremely strong and makes me think of it’s ice-cream equivalent (which is gorgeous!). After using this butter twice a day for a week, I didn’t really see any improvement per say with my skin. Unlike my normal butter, I didn’t get the desired “oily sheen'” on my skin which tells me my skin is drinking it up. As soon as I rub in the butter, my skin felt exactly the same as it had before the application. I suppose throughout the day my skin didn’t feel dry, but it looked dry, if you get my drift!
I also found that I had to use quite a lot of the product in order to feel properly moisturised. Now this may just be me as when I moisturise, I really like to lather it on thick as I like that glossy ‘just hydrated’ look that  tells me i’ve moisturised well. 
Coconut Latte Butter
The Coconut Latte Butter contains the same ingredients and has the same texture as the Pistachio Sundae butter above. The only difference is the smell. This smells AMAZING! It actually smells like a lovely chocolate latte, but aside from that, I would say that it contains all the same properties as above.
I guess this would be great for people with oily skin and dry skin, but personally I prefer my butters to contain a few more natural ingredients and oils to do my skin justice. The scents of the both the butters are what saves it for me. Overall, I would give it a 5 out of 10. It’s decent, but doesn’t really do much for me.
£8.49 for 200ml
Buy from Feel Unique // Nip + Fab Website 
Have you tried anything from Nip+Fab? How did you find it?


November 1, 2012


Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae & Coconut Latte Butters

  1. Giselle Santos says:

    great review…it's awesome that you took time to actually use it and see if it made any difference on your skin or not.


  2. Rute says:

    Well, I haven't tried anything from Nip+Fab but those look like those body butter from The Body Shop no? Like, the same idea… 🙂

  3. sharon p says:

    Great review, sounds nice x

  4. sharon p says:

    Great review it sounds nice x

  5. LolaStar says:

    Your 5/10 is very generous! Haha

    I tried to be diplomatic in my review but I honestly didn't like it! Body butters are supposed to be rich and nourishing, but I found that these were full of cheap ingredients and didn't do much for my skin.

    Think I'll stick to The Body Shop's butters!

    Lola | LolaStarHearts xx

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