I don’t know about you guys, but on average it takes me around 90 minutes to get to and from work everyday and while en route, I love catching up on my favourite blogs on my iPhone, however due to the mahooosive amount of time it takes to load all the images/buttons etc, I often end up abandoning it and settling down with a book. =(
I would always think “there should be some sort of blog app where I can read all my favourite blogs in one stream!”.
Enter NuffnangX!
Available as a free app on the Apple iStore and the Android Marketplace, NuffnangX is an app which has been designed to help your blog readers to find, follow and communicate with you on the go.
First established in Asia and Australia, NuffnangX provides a constant stream of your favourite blogs whilst giving you the chance to easily follow and comment. You can also ‘claim your blog’; adding your blog to the relevant category so others can find you!
1) Follow all your favourite blogs
You can follow your favourite blogs like you would on Twitter or Instagram. You can ‘like’ and comment blog posts – easy peasy!
2) Conversation Boxes
NuffnangX have a conversation box where you can chat underneath your posts like you do on Instagram (the conversation box takes over the comment box) – a handy tool which I think is pretty awesome! 
3) Recommend and Subject tabs
The recommend and subject tabs gives you a list of blogs depending on what blog subject you want. For instance, if you wanted to read some arts & crafts blogs, a list of blogs will be available for you to browse through.
For more on what NuffNangX can do, you can visit Timothy’s Blog!
You can also visit the NuffNangX website for more information.
Also, if you do join, add me “Steevie” and lets chat!


October 21, 2012


NuffnangX Blog Viewer App: A New Way to Discover Blogs!

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