Heller guys!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve got like 2 MAJOR pieces of coursework to complete, so i’ve been pre-occupied with that, but I thought i’d squeeze a lil post in.
So last Thursday I bought a few items that i’d been saving up for;
I’m not even going to TALK about the Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara. I got that for free anyway, but it’s so utterly USELESS….anyway..on to the next..
 I remember my mother buying this mascara for my 18th birthday and I instantly fell in love! This is by far my favourite mascara EVER. It makes my lashes incredibly long and full of volume, and it lasts all day. The brush is also very thick to ensure each lash gets a decent amount of coverage. I also love the gold packaging- very luxourious! It is expensive, but it really is worth it, and lasts a hell of a long time.

 This is the first lipgloss by Maybelline i’ve ever bought and i’m very impressed! It’s a light coral/baby pink shimmery colour and I bought it primarily to use on top of my coral lipsticks, although I can use it alone too (See pic).

 This season i’m quite a big fan of coral lip products and eyeproducts; i think it’ll be on trend for this Summer! So i’ve kinda been stocking up. I purchased this lovely Salmon peach gloss from Collection 3000 for £2.99.
Yes, I know i’m late, but finally:

So I finally gave in and bought a blusher from the Colour Forecast collection. =/
But i really really love this shade! Problem is though, it is SO HARD to swatch and I have to apply it many times in order to see the damn thing!
But i digress..!
It’s lovely and not too shimmery, which is great!


March 21, 2010


Thursday Evening Haul.

  1. Imo says:

    I LOVE YSL faux cils! My fave mccy without a doubt

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Empress says:

    Might have to try that YSL out, so tired of trying new mascara and being disappointed 🙁

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