As a way to feed her creative streak while studying Law at university, Stephanie created her blog (previously known as ‘Nerd About Town’) in 2008, before influencing as we know it today entered the popular zeitgeist. 

Stephanie writes on a range of different topics, including; plus size fashion, beauty and skincare, personal thoughts and musings, body image and travel.

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Enter my now what I think is my signature *looking down at something inconspicuous* pose, haha! Also, apologies for the upcoming flurry of photos coming live from my living room – I’m unable to take photos outside for the moment due to several weather-related circumstances – cannot wait until Spring arrives! I’m a big sucker […]

The Cut for For Evans: Knitted Dress

December 26, 2014

Yes, I still continue to wear crop tops and skirts in Winter, because why not? For some reason, I never really get that cold while outside during the frosty months (however I end up freezing while inside without the heating on – strange!), so in turn this allows me to still dress like it’s 30 […]

STYLE | The Prom Skirt

November 15, 2014

Despite my issues with certain parts of my body, one feature I’ve always liked and am never (and I mean NEVER) afraid of getting out are my legs. I think I have what I like to call, ‘blegs’; legs that look nice in boots, Chelsea, ankle, UGGS or platform, I’ll wear them all. However when […]

Coating the 'gams with #24HrShoes!

November 12, 2014

February 16, 2014

Last week, Evans released the limited edition collection, ‘Cut for Evans‘ which is an 11 piece collection consisting of jumpsuits, midi skirts, shift dresses and shirts which centre around the theme of digital print. All the pieces are ideal for Summer, bright, loud and extremely colourful but what I love about the collection is that […]

In the Cut…For Evans

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