Despite my issues with certain parts of my body, one feature I’ve always liked and am never (and I mean NEVER) afraid of getting out are my legs. I think I have what I like to call, ‘blegs’; legs that look nice in boots, Chelsea, ankle, UGGS or platform, I’ll wear them all. However when it comes to calf/knee boots, I’ve always tended to avoid them as I assume that they would be a tad uncomfortable to walk in due to restricted calf space.


Here’s where the Evans #24hshoes campaign comes in. The campaign is designed to show how comfortable and versatile and well structured their shoes and boots are; so much so that they can be worn for 24 hours a day.


Since it’s beginning to get a bit nippy out, I opted for the over the knee riding boots   – I am a big fan of jockey style boots and what’s great about these boots is that you can get them either in a standard calf width or extra wide if your calves are a tad bigger. I believe I got mine in extra wide, however as you can see from the photo above I probably could have done with the standard size as it can be rather roomy in there – however I do like the sorta of ‘baggy’ look and it is anything but a hindrance to the overall comfort of the boot, which also has a stretchy back panel for a better fit.

The longest I’ve worn these so far has been 15 hours and I can happily say that they caused no discomfort whatsoever. Amazing!

Evans Boots
I paired the boots with these black pear skinny jeans which are incredibly comfortable and have a good amount of stretch to them – I’m not pear shaped, however I do have thighs for days which is why I opted for this specific cut. 
Finishing off the look is the warmest coat I think i’ve ever owned, the two tone parka. I’m really happy that I chose to size up with this one as is means that I can wear cardigans and knitwear underneath and not feel like something out of Robot Wars. The coat is very cosy and for the first time ever – the hoot ACTUALLY covers the whole of my head. I’ve never had a hood do that before, mainly because I have a big ass cone head. :P. 
Evans 3
Two tone Parka // c/o Evans
Over the knee boots // c/o Evans
Denim shirt // Simply Be

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November 12, 2014


Coating the 'gams with #24HrShoes!

  1. Remi Sabbah says:

    You are absolutely stunning!! Love your style and your boots they are so gorgeous 🙂
    You are welcome to check out my new post xxx

  2. My Kurves says:

    Great look, great boots and great smile.

  3. Hollie B says:

    Blegs…. that's all I can say… blegs… and I love this post. 🙂

  4. chemile3 says:

    Omg I need the coat and boots thank you for this keep.dping your thing check my blog out

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