As a way to feed her creative streak while studying Law at university, Stephanie created her blog (previously known as ‘Nerd About Town’) in 2008, before influencing as we know it today entered the popular zeitgeist. 

Stephanie writes on a range of different topics, including; plus size fashion, beauty and skincare, personal thoughts and musings, body image and travel.

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We may be out of lockdown, but leisure and athleisure still reign supreme for me! As much as I miss dressing up to the nines to meet up with friends or attend events, I do miss the whole ‘popping to Tesco in joggers’ look when going to work or going home to see family, but […]

Off The Beaten Track

November 17, 2021

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve kinda sorta been wearing jumpers and sweaters exclusively for most of the lockdown – Winter be damned! Whether worn for comfort or functionality, when shopping for knitwear you want to make sure that the pieces feel as good as they look. One of the ‘positives’ of the […]

Plus Size Sweaters to Jump On this Winter

November 9, 2021

When I saw the image of Jennifer Lawrence rocking a pair of Chinos and a crop top on the Who What Wear website last week, I felt seen. I’m a trousers girl through and through. Don’t get me wrong – I definitely wear my fair share of dresses and jeans, and love to indulge in […]

Steph Styles: Chinos

June 6, 2021

May 27, 2021

There are just some trends that never go out of fashion. Much like the beloved corduroy fabric or the smart oversized blazer, the Prep look always cycles back into the trend spotlight every couple of years, much to my delight. The trend may seem plain at first, but the Prep aesthetic has always evolved to […]

Be Prep-ared for A/W!

It seems like only yesterday that we the fats let out a collective audible *GASP* when ASOS announced first announced their Curve range. Fast forward 7 years and despite a few general company financial hiccups, the Curve range still remains one ASOS’s biggest earners and is in general one of the frontrunners when it comes […]

What’s Next For British Plus Size Fashion?

February 3, 2021

Well, we finally made it lads. 2021. I guess. Actually no, I shouldn’t say ‘I guess’, as it’s a miracle any one of us made it through the cesspit that was 2020 alive and/or mentally, emotionally or physically intact tbh. Anyway, according to the last update (as we know how frequently the rules regarding quarantine […]

Lockdown, But Make it Fashion.

January 24, 2021

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