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Hello friends. Were you aware that there is such a thing as ‘Millennial Purple’? Me neither. Literally found out last week.

Anyhoo, in today’s episode of ‘Let’s Put Steph in All The Colours To See How Amazing They Look Against Her Skintone’, I’m coming to you with this royal hue, also known as Melodramatic Purple, a combination of powdery palettes of lavender and lilac. It’s such a happy, et sad colour at the same time; almost as if it’s giving me ‘Tumblr 2013’.

Being darker-skinned, I’ve always gravitated towards strong, bold, primary colours that bounce excitingly off my skin colour and strike an illuminating contrast (so think about your citric colours, florescent greens, cobalt blues etc), so going down the pastel route is a bit of a new one for me.

I find that the best way to wear lilac or lavender is to either undertake the head-to-toe monochrome approach or to colour-block for maximum impact. You can also mix and match these shades with classic white and cream tones, light blues and cherry reds.

With this look, I’m wearing a Daisy Street cropped cardigan with a pair of Collusion wide-legged striped trousers a-la-Beetlejuice. We love a throwback. I finished the look with a pair of Doc Martens for a bit of an edge.

I feel Like I did a bit of a thing with this. What do you guys think?


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November 30, 2020


Purple Haze.

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