Oh hai lads, it’s been a while what with bits and bobs happening over the summer but I’m BACK with hashtag CONTENT for you all, and I thought I’d start off with one of my most worn trends over the last three months or so: the humble T-shirt dress. So simple. So easy to wear. A Godsend in this weird semi-heat/water wave we’ve been having over the last month or so.

Now as some of you may know, I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, which meant I lived, breathed and developed an entire ecosystem (a clean one mind; I’m not a scruff!) in cargo pants, oversized jumpers, baggy jeans and basically anything that would cover my body. The very thought of trying a dress filled me with anxiety as at the time, I absolutely hated my silhouette and didn’t want or need anything bringing it more attention. Time passed however, and as I developed my confidence and self esteem, I set myself the challenge of wearing dresses and the very FIRST style of dress I ever tried was the T-Shirt dress. Why? Because they were normally the cheapest, but also because like cats and hamsters, they don’t really need a lot, do they? You just chuck them on and go about your day.

Pure Cotton Striped T-Shirt – Marks & Spencer (gifted) // Straw Backpack – Marks & Spencer (gifted) // Chunky Flatform Sandals – ASOS

What I like about T-shirt dresses is that they kinda just do exactly what they say on the tin. You don’t have to really worry about whether you’re showing too much boob or if you need a belt. You don’t need to bother about if there is too much cinching, ruching or whatever-ing around the waist because…it’s just a T-shirt at the end of the day. I started wearing T-shirt dresses as a way of life for a while, which later introduced me to other styles like the A-line, the smock, the tulip dress and many more.

Since diving balls deep into plus size FASHUN, my good old T-shirt dresses have fallen slightly by the wayside, that was until I saw this striped cotton piece from Marks & Spencers (an absolute steal at £12.50!) – not only are we fans of natural fabrics here, but this dress has pockets. POCKETS guise. We love to see it! I still don’t understand why a lot of brands refuse to add pockets to the vast majority of womenswear, but that’s another conversation for another day. The dress is incredibly comfortable and free-flowing, and can be worn with a belt if you’re that way inclined, but is also okay without one. I teamed the dress with this straw backpack (mama loves her a backback) also from M&S, and my new favourite chunky wide fit flatforms from ASOS.

Photography by Kaye Ford

Now before you say anything, YES all the photos look the same. That is because I initially was going to keep the photos for Instagram and just choose one, but then I thought this needed the blog treatment because I miss my little corner of the internet! Anyhoo, let me know below or on social media what your thoughts on shirt dresses are – I for one cannot get enough!



August 8, 2019


All Hail The T-Shirt Dress!

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