I don’t know about you guys, but Christmas over the years has become less important to me, to the point where we don’t really celebrate it. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Christmas represents (or what it was supposed to represent in the days before the Argos catalogue), however when it comes to the ceremonial parts of it: the tree, decorations, Christmas lights, big family dinner etc…meh. One of the ONLY things I absolutely loved (and still love) about Christmas, is shopping for presents for people. I absolutely love giving presents to others and watching their faces light up in joy (or groan in disgust?) at their prezzies.

This year is definitely going to be a quiet one for us: we’re having Ghanaian food as our main meal, and I’ll probably spend the majority of the day in bed watching all the Harry Potter movies again because #tradition. A common theme with all our Christmases though, is that for the large majority of us, we’ll have a roof over our heads and good food on the table. Unfortunately for millions of people across the globe, they will continue to face a daily struggle, especially around the holidays.
This is where Oxfam comes in! They have launched their Sourced by Oxfam and Oxfam Unwrapped gifting pages where any gift you buy will go towards saving a life or helping a family support themselves!

Sourced by Oxfam

Thinking of a quirky gift or a delicious treat to give to a loved one? The gifts on Sourced by Oxfam have been carefully sourced by Oxfam buyers who travel around the world looking for independent and pioneering suppliers who produce quality products with emphasis on small-scale production and sustainable, fair trade materials.
My top picks:
Global Beer Tour book  // Ground Machu Pichu Coffee // Divine Chocolate Tasting Set // Faith in Nature Coconut Gift Pack // Recycled Wool Picnic Rug // Large Blue Kasia Basket

Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped is very special in that these are charity gifts, so you are actually buying something physical for someone that could help them establish a great future! These are the gifts that can actually change lives; for instance, you can buy a goat for farming for £26, safe water for £10, worms to help produce manure for farming or you could help educate a child for £19.
I think it’s an absolutely wonderful idea! In a world filled with negativity, tyranny and Donald Trump, we can all stand to make small changes and do little things to help our fellow man, right?!


December 13, 2017


The Gift of Giving with Oxfam

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