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I am more than a day late and a Dollar short with this review, due to little to no natural lighting during the day and hectic weekends, so please bear with me! I believe you can order the December/January box now (they aim to deliver by the 15th of each month), but I hope that by reading this review, you guys get a taste of the sorts of items you can get!
Now you guys may remember me reviewing a Cohorted beauty subscription box about a year ago which I absolutely loved, and thought I would do another one in collaboration with Cohorted!
So! As you guys may already know, Cohorted is an award-winning luxury monthly beauty subscription box (£35) that contains a bunch of sample and full sized items that always ends up costing more than the price of the box itself. Let’s get into it and see what November’s box had.

Figs and Rouge Light Reflective Brightening Primer and Illuminator
Now Figs and Rouge are not that accessible (at least they weren’t when I’ve tried to get some of their products!), so it’s great that Cohorted has included some of their products within the box. The illuminator claims to eliminate redness, illuminate the skin and minimise large pores. Now as I can only really benefit from one of those claims (as my skin doesn’t get ‘red’), I tried this the other day underneath my foundation and I must say, the glow really comes through! I didn’t use too much, however, as I have oily skin, but from the little that I used, the subtle glow was absolutely beautiful. This normally retails for £35 and is QUITE expensive for a primer tbh. It’s nice if you want to splurge, but for the same claims, you can find something much cheaper.
Plum and Ashby Honey and Jojoba Oil Hand Cream
Ohhh I LOVE a good hand cream! Winters’ here and my hands are ashy, so imagine my glee when I saw the words ‘honey’ and ‘jojoba’ on the front of the tube! Both ultra moisturising ingredients, the lotion smells absolutely gorgeous and the cream spreads easily and absorbs into the skin really well. The cream retails for £15 and does not contain parabens or is tested on animals. Yasss!

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi Correcting Cream
So I’ll be completely honest and say that I haven’t used this, and probably won’t as I don’t think that I am the target audience for this. Anyhoo, you get two small samples of the correcting cream, which contains a high SPF and would be perfect for those with mature/oily skin!
New Cid I-intense Mascara Black
I LUUUUURVE this mascara! I have short, stubby lashes and what I love about this mascara is that it uplifts my lashes to high heaven! While the volume leaves a bit to be desired, I love how curly and long my lashes look after application. I was completely duped by this, as the packaging is quite light and a bit plastic-y. I automatically assumed it wouldn’t be good, but it’s amazing! I’ve heard mixed reviews about the formula, but it works perfectly for me. The only thing I will say about this is that it isn’t waterproof, and for the £20 price tag, I would have liked to have had that.

Too Faced Melted Liquefied Longwear Metallic Lipstick 
Lastly, we have the Too Faced lipstick in Violet (£20). I must say this is my least liked item. I don’t know what it is about this line, but I’ve never been a fan of this collection. The consistency just doesn’t sit well on my lips, the pigmentation is terrible, to say the least, and the texture is very gloopy. I know that this is hailed as a holy grail product for most but…it just doesn’t do it for me!

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December 12, 2017


Cohorted beauty: November box

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