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So in today’s short post, I want to talk about a thing that grinds my gears when it comes to fashion: collaborative pieces never appearing in size fat.
From massive worldwide retailers like H&M to online retailers such as Boohoo and Missguided, it seems to be the case that anytime brands partner with, or collaborate with a designer, influencer or model, us plus sized babes are always left out in the cold.
A few months ago an online retailer collaborated with a well known supermodel for an Athleisure collection and I remember before the launch I was SO excited for the range. Towards the launch date, images of the collection were dropped, and I stared in awe at all the amazing pieces I wanted to get my hands on: cropped jumpers, mesh x fishnet bodies and slim fit jogging bottoms.  Fast forward to the release day and of course the range hadn’t been extended to plus. Of course.
There have been MULTIPLE instances of this happening this year alone with online as well as physical stores and frankly, I’m tired of it. I don’t understand how a brand can collaborate with someone and create the same outfits in petite and tall, yet intentionally miss out plus size. Is it because they do not want out fat bodies to taint their brand? Do they think that we aren’t into current, trendy pieces? That we walk around in floral moo-moos and chiffon empire-line dresses all day?
The disrespect.
Whether it is the responsibility of the brand or of the collaborator, I feel that more needs to be done to incorporate plus size within collaborations. Maybe brands in the UK should take note of what is happening in the States, as it seems a lot more progressive. Victoria Beckham recently debuted a collection with Target and the range went up to a UK size 24 I believe, which while it still leaves a bit to be desired, is a hell of a lot better than the nothing we get here (check out my babes Amanda Apparel SLAY in the VB pieces!)

Maybe there’s a deeper issue here: do brands assume that by only allowing their collaborations to be sold within their mainstream collections, they get to miss out on the probable requests for sizing extensions by the influx of their newer, larger audience? Do they not want for their designs to be seen on larger bodies? Like…wagwan with it all? If a a fat bitch wants to wear a bedazzled jumper with mesh tracksuit bottoms, why am I not given the option to?
It’s why I like brands such as In the Style Curve, who frequently collaborate with online influencers and TV stars.  About a month ago, I noticed that they had collaborated with fashion blogger Sarah Ashcroft on a collection and I instantly thought to myself “oh great, another collection I can’t wear”. So imagine my surprise when I saunter over to the Curve page and see that the pieces were available?!


I wish more mainstream brands would take a leaf out of their books and extend their collaborate pieces to size fat. Why? Because we are also human beings who deserve to feel special in nice clothes. One mistake brands make is assume that all fat people are alike and that we all opt for the same designs: floral, floor length, smock, shapeless things. THAT ISN’T THE CASE. Maybe when they finally see us as actual human beings, they may begin to pay attention but until then, I’m gonna keep bothering brands until they actually listen.
Who’s with me?

Acid Wash Denim Jacket – In the Style Curve x Sarah Ashcroft*  

Yellow Checked Oversized Shirt – In the Style Curve x Sarah Ashcroft*


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October 19, 2017



  1. sweetlooweeze says:

    PREACH! I’m tired of it too. I just made a list of all the brands that sell Plus size clothing and its pretty extensive, but the work i had to do to actually find these brands??? awful! We cant just walk into any store or website and expect to have the cute stuff available and it sucks

  2. Yaaaaaaas. So true! I love to shop, but now I do it online as in Aberdeen there is only New Look, River Island & Dorothy Perkins – which only carry a small selection of their larger sizes. Some days, it makes me feel like I need to loose weight and “fit” in to the smaller clothes and then I am suddenly like “Screw THEM!” They need to realise that there is larger ladies in the world who want to show off their style and not cover themselves up with big baggy clothes – which just make me feel uncomfortable.
    I love that Denim Jacket. So I need to take a wee peek at what else they have.
    Thank you for this post. Love the way you write!
    Much Love,

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