So..I’m kinda new to the whole sunglasses thing.

Seeing as I’m someone who wears prescription glasses 90% of the time, the thought of getting sunglasses was something that never really occurred to me for two reasons: 1) sheer laziness at the prospect of having to pay £££ for prescription sunnies 2)I always found it difficult to buy sunnies that suited my round face.
Due to the enabling of fashion and beauty bloggers alike on social media channels such as Instagram, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and thus began wearing sunnies, sticking to the guidelines of ‘only wearing square/rectangular frames.’
I’m kinda getting tired of the rules though. I always see amazing, kooky frames online and it’s annoying to have to limit myself with the same old shapes and styles. I saw these Marc Jacobs 118/S sunglasses* online: the fuchsia perspex frames, reflective lens and slightly cat-eyed shape and instantly fell in love.

More than anything, what drew me to these frames was the colour of em; aren’t they fun?! They remind me of the toy sunglasses I used to get as a kid down Argos. I don’t own many pink items, so these definitely make a lovely edition to my collection of sunnies. They definitely add a pop of colour to any outfit: especially an all black ensemble.
Sometimes, It’s okay to break the rules. Girls/guys if you have a round face like me, venture out of your comfort zone with your frame shape, as you’ll never know what will suit you!

Marc Jacobs 118/S Sunglasses* – The Sunglasses Shop

Location photography by Kaye Ford

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August 28, 2017



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