Grass Fields Portrait 2
Ohemaa (pro. O-heh-maa) means ‘Queen‘ in Twi which is one of the main languages spoken in Ghana, where I’m from. TBH I feel the title is quite fitting, as I feel like an absolute Queen in this stunning West African print skirt from London-based brand, Grass Fields.
You know when you just get an item of clothing that makes you feel incredibly regal? This. THIS is the skirt right here. Combined here with this gorgeous bardot top from my faves at Eloquiithe outfit just makes me so incredibly happy. It’s vibrant and busy and the skirt is definitely a statement piece in itself.
I’ve found recently that dressing up in loud, vibrant pieces vastly improves my mood. Life is still kicking me in the shins at the moment and I honestly feel like I am somewhere chilling in the Sunken Place, watching some sort of dark spirit control my body. There are days when I don’t even want to get out of bed, or do the things that I enjoy the most such as reading, photography etc, but little things such as putting some slap on and dressing up in something amazing reminds me that my inner Queen is still there, buried deep within. It’s just a case of bringing here back out again. Baby steps though, right?

Off the Shoulder TopEloquii* (similar) // Haji African Print SkirtGrass Fields

Close Up
Eloquii Close Up
Grass Fields Double
Grass Fields Portrait
Grass Fields Skirt
Grass Fields sKIRT 3
Grass Fields Souble 2

Photography by Kaye Ford


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May 22, 2017



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