I’ve always tended to avoid splashing out the cash on high-end lipstick as I’ve found from previous experience that they tend to be the ones that either never end up suiting me, or the texture and consistency of the lipstick is a bit off, so when I heard about Burberry giving away free mini samples of lipstick in celebration of the new Burberry Kisses collection, I thought ‘why not?’ and decided to give one of their shades a try.


  • “Discover Burberry Kisses, the effortlessly buildable lip colour, designed to give multiple lip looks with just one shade.
  • The weightless formula delivers a customisable make-up result – a single kiss of colour gives understated luminosity, two or three kisses give intense depth and vibrancy”

Based off of first impressions, I must say that the sample itself is pretty generous! It comes in its signature gunmetal tube with the embossed Burberry logo stamped on it. I decided to go for the shade Military Red, as a girl can never have too many reds floating about in her collection. 
The formula

What first struck me about the lipstick is how lovely it is to apply, the texture is smooth, buttery, lightweight and super moisturising, and I wouldn’t be surprised as Burberry claims each lipstick contains a mixture of “teas, lavender and rosehip”. Now I’m not sure how the lavender would work in this, but I definitely get a hint of the rosehip running through there. Burberry says that the lipstick offers to give up to 6 hours’ continuous hydration, but I would probably say it gives a good 3 to 4 before I need to reapply.  7/10
The pigmentation/colour

Military Red is a highly pigmented, true red that seems rather yellow/orange in tone. I needed about two swipes to achieve full opaqueness. Because I am dark, I tend to lean more towards blue-toned reds as opposed to warmer colours as I believe it stands out a bit more. 6/10
While the colour is gorgeous and vibrant, it would not be a shade I would be picking up any time soon as although it is a PoC friendly lipstick, I think that it looks a bit too orange on me and washes me out just a tad. I like my lip colours to be hyper bold and contrasting, however this shade just seems a bit too mild and washed out for me. The application and texture is brilliant and I think it would be brilliant for those with olive skin as it’ll bring out the warmth in complexion. 
Burberry Kisses (full size) retails at £25 and it available at the following:

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May 3, 2015


Burberry Kisses Lipstick – Military Red

  1. disqus_E95JMOFsY3 says:

    This was such an inspirational vid chick.. Like girls have it the hardest when it comes to confidence and we need to hear this more. Cant wait for part 2.

  2. kitty kaos says:

    Gorgeous lipstick and epic pictures. I need to up my photo game xx

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