I was kindly invited by the lovely Jacqueline at Yours Clothing  to view their Spring/Summer ’15 collection at the Dorchester Hotel! As a big fan of the brand and not one to miss an opportunity of being within the vicinity of an uber posh hotel, I hot-footed it across South London, camera in tow where I was greeted by a very distinguished gentleman in a top hat who opened the door for me. Check me out ay?!


Upon entering the press room, I was greeted with an abundance of colour; oh yes. This season will see loads of bright neons, digital graphic prints, florals and playful pastels to delight the senses. I also spotted white denim, pleated blouses and THE DENIM PLAYSUIT. From henceforth, THE DENIM PLAYSUIT will be written as such until such a time it falls into my ownership. I spotted the playsuit online a couple of weeks ago and I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. I cannot wait for it to be released!
As well as the garments, also on show were the bags and accessories, also sporting a floral/neon theme and footwear, which includes these gorgeous open toed espadrilles which will also be coming out within the next couple of months.
All in all, I am so impressed with this new collection and it’s fantastic to see Yours Clothing come such a long way with their pieces. I cannot wait to get my hands on more than a few! Once again, thank you so much to Jacqueline and the guys at Yours Clothing for inviting me! Below is a short video I made of the day; apologies in advance for the shaking!

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April 21, 2015


PRESS DAY | Yours Clothing S/S '15 Collection.

  1. Michaela Gingell says:

    Wah looks amazing babe. I'm popping in a order tonight and I think I may have to get that play suit for holiday. XXXX

  2. Lesley says:

    Looks awesome, love the sandals x

  3. I don't know what I want more, the pastries or the clothes … I can have both, right?

    C xx

  4. Stephanie (Nerd About Town) says:


  5. Stephanie (Nerd About Town) says:

    As soon as that drops, I'm getting it. Cannot wait!

  6. Michaela Gingell says:

    It's online now babe. Go to Tess loves in the home page. I didn't get it this side of payday but gunna get it next week xxx

  7. Mmmmm…. pastry & clothing heaven! Now I'm hungry!

  8. Stephanie (Nerd About Town) says:

    The PR told me It's being released mid may 🙁 Under tess's page it says the product is "coming soon"

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