I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to board games, I can be exceptionally competitive. My game of choice? The one and only Monopoly. Up until lately (ahem…), I had never lost a game due to my savvy and somewhat wise investment decisions *straightens moustache*, so when I found out that Joe’s Blogs and Legal & General were setting up a games and pizza night at their offices, I knew I had to be all in!

Once we arrived, we quickly got ourselves in groups of 6-8 and with the pizza and prosecco on tap, the games began.
Because I was in such a large group, I tried to tuck my competitiveness in a little but I’m pretty sure you could still see a bit! We had some ruthless people in our group who clung onto their properties for dear life which was hilarious, but it really does bring home how much of a Lion’s Den investing can be; having to be shrewd to a degree and having a keen eye on the current climate before making your move.

Although I’m sad to report that I didn’t win, I had such a great time playing along and meeting other bloggers! It was amazing to catch up with Hollie and Katie again, as well as the guys over at Joe’s Bloggers; thank you so for such a fun night and to catch up with more stories and photos from the evening, check out #LandGGamesNight on Twitter!

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April 19, 2015


Making it drizzle with Legal & General!

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